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Sep 30 2009

Update II On The Rigged Global Warming Data

It looks likes the straw that might destroy the global warming alarmists’ charade will be the discovery that man-made global warming is really man-made. It is either deception or delusion (or both), but it is NOT reality. It was created by scientists using cherry picked data. Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit did the work to […]

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Sep 30 2009

Server Problems

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We’ve apparently hit the big time with my post about exposing our spies to al Qaeda (thanks for the link Lucianne!).  Anyway, we will be moving to a larger server tomorrow hopefully, and will try to keep the place running as best we can until then. BTW – donations are accepted using the Pay Pal […]

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Sep 30 2009

How Dumb Is This Administration?

People in the Obama administration notified news outlets that are spies inside the al Qaeda network were helping us target al Qaeda leaders with drones.. In what appears to be an effort to show progress on the war on terror, the Obama administration has just told al Qaeda what methods are working for us – which […]

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Sep 30 2009

Iran And That Bogus 2007 National Intelligence Estimate

In 2008, a suspicious National Intelligence Estimate was leaked to the news media, apparently to influence the 2008 presidential elections. An NIE is the consensus view on the threats to this nation, at times on a specific topic like Iran or Iraq or al Qaeda. In 2007 the NIE was a crass act of misinformation. […]

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