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Sep 20 2009

Will President Obama Invoke Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

I produced a long and involved post this morning in the terror suspects arrested in New York and Colorado, and pondered how the administration could be considering investigating the defenders of this nation as a terrorist plot unfolds here at home.  Seems politically stupid to me. But now we learn the arrests may not have […]

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Sep 20 2009

Court Case: Being A Radical Muslim Is Evidence Of Insanity?

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Oh the irony in this case is just too much: A man accused of beheading his wife at the television station they founded to counter stereotypes of Muslims is likely to claim emotional distress was behind the killing in hopes of avoiding a murder conviction. Muzzammil Hassan, 45, is scheduled to be tried in January […]

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Sep 20 2009

Major Terrorist Attack Foiled (AG Holder Better Stop His Witch Hunt)

Major Update – At the end of this post (way down below!) I noted how weak the charges are against these alleged terrorists  – basically low level perjury. I wondered what else was known, and now that the media is finally getting on this story, we learn the possible targets are disturbing, at least: Several reports […]

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