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Sep 01 2009


CNN came out with a truly crushing poll for Obama and the Democrats in Congress. As I noted in an earlier post, the 1994 Congressional drubbing the Dems took over Hillarycare is nothing compared to what they will reap over Obamacare and Obamanomics in 2010. The one thing that probably cushioned Bill Clinton’s from an […]

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Sep 01 2009

The Rejection Of President Obama

I have to admit, while I opposed him in the election I had hoped my concerns over President Obama’s inexperience and far left tendencies would not be a major handicap for the man. Sadly, I was right – the President’s naive team has pretty much wasted all his political capitol and he and the Democrats […]

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Sep 01 2009

Start Over On Bipartisan Health Care

Democrats are about to do in 7 months what it took the GOP to do in 7 years, and that is piss off and offend the independent center of this nation’s electorate to the point the centrists vote them out of power with gusto. It is a multi-pronged problem, but it’s central force is an […]

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