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Jul 15 2009

Americans Have Succeeded Without Rationing Health Care

For some reason the rich who work at NY Times are all upset about the cost of other people’s health care: You have advanced kidney cancer. It will kill you, probably in the next year or two. A drug called Sutent slows the spread of the cancer and may give you an extra six months, […]

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Jul 15 2009

Source Of Man Made Warming Discovered!

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Folks, after years of scientific measurement and debate we have determined global warming is indeed man made, and we have isolated the source for 100% of the man made global warming. The reason it took years to resolve is we had to have a few decades of actual measurements to confirm global warming is a […]

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Jul 15 2009

I Think Our President Has Lost His Mind

We have witnessed since January how liberal naiveté has applied the wrong government medicine and treatments to an ailing job market, making things worse than anyone would have expected. Obama and his liberal allies in Congress claimed they wanted to ‘stimulate’ the economy to create jobs and this had to be done right away. But they implemented […]

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