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Jul 31 2009

From The Duh! Files: America Not Happy With DC’s Failures

Let’s see, we had a housing market collapse because of risky liberal schemes that lent money to people who had no business taking on such loans but did line the pockets of a lot of DC insiders. The market collapse caused every home owner in America to lose massive amounts of equity (read – savings), […]

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Jul 31 2009

Liberal Democrats Plotting Open Warfare On All Private Health Insurance

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DC’s old dog liberals now running Congress are coming for your health insurance America – make no mistake. Since the centrists and moderates in the Democrat Party foiled the liberal’s plans to take over the nation’s health care this summer under cover of a rushed bill, the far left has decided to end their stealth […]

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Jul 31 2009

Is It Nineteen Eighty-Four Now?

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Let’s just say I find it way too convenient that a report comes out just now is discovering for the first time that the economic recession was twice as worse than anyone thought (hasn’t that been the White House excuse for a lame stimulus bill for months now?): The first 12 months of the U.S. […]

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Jul 31 2009

President Obama’s One Successful Stimulus Idea Goes Bankrupt

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I am not a fan of the “Cash for Clunkers” government giveaway. We all should have been given the opportunity to save our tax money and apply it to buying a new car. The fact only people with older or larger cars got the hand out is another classic case of government playing favorites, which […]

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