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Jul 14 2009

Obamanomics: Increasing Unemployment For Months

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Well, finally the President is admitting what everyone else has been saying for months, and that is the liberal stimulus experiment (relying on the sluggish federal bureaucracy to ‘stimulate’ job growth) was a unmitigated failure: President Barack Obama on Tuesday declined to predict how high unemployment will climb but made clear he expects it to […]

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Jul 14 2009

Sarah Palin Steps Into “Center” Stage

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The defunct and failed political industrial complex is all in a tizzy because Sarah Palin is making her move. And they have good reason to feel threatened (though they have no good excuse for being unprofessional and insulting). Palin is coming out aiming for the heart of American politics – the centrists: The former Republican vice-presidential […]

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Jul 14 2009

Remember, President Obama Claims His Economic Plan Is Working!

The economic train wreck is now pretty much unavoidable. The deficit numbers out for June make that clear, and assuming the same employment disaster for the next few months, President Obama and the Congressional Dems are on a path of historic economic screw ups.  The Wall Street Journal has some of the sobering data out […]

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