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Jul 05 2008

Enviros Hiding Truth About Oil And Food Prices, Starving The Poor

Supply and demand – the immutable law of economics. When supplies are larger than demand, consumers benefit. When supplies are less than demand – corporations and governments benefit (through taxes and the opportunity to control sectors of the economy). If you don’t trust mega-corps or government bureaucrats, not only are you sane you should be […]

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Jul 05 2008

Obama “Change We Can Believe In”? Seriously Senator, What Can We Believe About You Now?

I think the big question this election year is whether Obama will be tagged with the flip-flop sandal image or the flip-flop ‘fish out of water’ image. Personally, I am of the opinion Obama the neophyte is in over his head, out of his element, and therefore the flopping, gasping fish is more accurate. Right […]

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Jul 05 2008

We Are Ready To Finish The Job In Iraq With Victory

Look, there are two camps inside America when it comes to Iraq. Those who want to runaway in defeat as soon as possible and those who are working and succeeding to finish the job with victory. Those who want to cut and run are not in the military – they hand-wring from the sidelines, pretending […]

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Jul 05 2008

2007 Coolest Year In 3 Decades: After 20 Years Of Global Cooling James Hansen Still Screams “Fire”!

One of the ‘scientists’ behind the Global Warming panic is Dr James Hansen. For 20 years this man has been screaming the sky is falling, and came out in full panic mode recently to once more ring the alarm bells. At the time I noted how Hansen conveniently ignores the temperature data, which I estimated […]

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