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Jul 15 2008

Obama “Forged COLB” Myth Busted (Again)

This time I don’t have to do all the heavy work, a document specialist has done the work for us. In fact, he used the same tools Techdude is using for his forthcoming report – so this should be interesting! I am currently getting 1-2 requests per week about analyzing this image. Sometimes people want […]

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Jul 15 2008

Brookings Institute Expert See Danger In Obama’s Iraq Plans

Obama wants to surrender Iraq at all costs, no matter what the cost. And this has even some Democrats wondering “WTF”? Republicans were not alone in that response. Michael E. O’Hanlon, a Democratic defense analyst at the Brookings Institution who has been an outspoken supporter of the war in Iraq, said he could not believe […]

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Jul 15 2008

Military Effort Underway Along Pakistan And Afghanistan Border

There have been tell tale signs that there will be a major effort to deal with the last major Islamo Fascist sanctuary in Pakistan’s Tribal region, which is where al-Qaeda and similar Jihad fighters have been massing since their defeat in Iraq. One sign was a recent visit to the region by a top level […]

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Jul 15 2008


Barack Obama is faltering big time. As I noted earlier today regarding his Op-Ed today on Iraq the man is bordering on the delusional. Actually, John Hindraker over at Powerline did a much better job of noting the out and out lies in Obama’s Op-Ed today – lies about Obama himself! But the same factors […]

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