Jul 05 2008

We Are Ready To Finish The Job In Iraq With Victory

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Look, there are two camps inside America when it comes to Iraq. Those who want to runaway in defeat as soon as possible and those who are working and succeeding to finish the job with victory. Those who want to cut and run are not in the military – they hand-wring from the sidelines, pretending to speak for their betters inside the military (I am not military either – so clearly I cheerlead from the sidelines).

What America needs to understand is those on the ground are ready to finish the job in Iraq with Victory, and they made clear their intentions this weekend in Iraq:

Servicemembers from all over Iraq gathered in the Al Faw Palace rotunda at Camp Victory, Baghdad, to reenlist and celebrate Independence Day.

All 1,215 servicemembers celebrated by raising their right hands and pledging to continue defending the “land of the free” in what is the largest reenlistment ceremony since the all-volunteer force began in 1973 according to Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin L. Hill, command sergeant major, Multi-National Forces – Iraq.

There aren’t 1,215 leading Surrendercrats in the country. It is time to let those doing the job finish their job, and it is time to ignore the hand-wringers on the sideline trying to force us into failure and defeat. They have been pushing their BS for two years now and have been the ones who failed, they were the ones defeated. It is time for them to just sit down and be quiet, and let the professionals do their jobs.

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  1. Boghie says:


    What you have a picture of is an overstrength battalion sized ‘unit’ reenlisting. Wow.

    Do we have a picture of an oversized battalion of Surrendercrats floating around?

    That would make quite a site.

    Quite a smell.


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