Jul 05 2008

2007 Coolest Year In 3 Decades: After 20 Years Of Global Cooling James Hansen Still Screams “Fire”!

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One of the ‘scientists’ behind the Global Warming panic is Dr James Hansen. For 20 years this man has been screaming the sky is falling, and came out in full panic mode recently to once more ring the alarm bells. At the time I noted how Hansen conveniently ignores the temperature data, which I estimated to show a small, insignificant increase since the IPCC came out with dire predictions two years after Hansen (and with his input):

Two decades later, if these folks were even close to being right, that would result in a 0.6° C increase since 1988-90 (within a range of 0.4°-1.0° C). Back in 1988, according to NASA and NOAA, the average global temperature was about same as it is today. Looking at the chart below we see the global temp is about 0.2° C higher from two decades ago,

At the time I was eye-balling some summary charts. Recently, though, some real scientific data has been compiled, and it demonstrates how wrong Dr James Hansen has been for two decades (to put that in perspective – since the end of Ronald Reagan’s last term!). The fact is, as the graph shows, the temperature actually has had a net drop in over those 20 years that the Church of Al Gore/IPCC have been making their now disproved claims (click image to get to original post and second data set graph):

Basically, outside the winter-spring of 1998, we can see there has been very little over-all change and we have landed at a slightly lower global temperature level, with another decade of predicted cooling ahead of us. In fact, few people know (but need to know) that 2007 was one of the coolest years in the last 30 years (that would be when Jimmy Carter was President):

During 2006, the doomsters were predicting that 2007 would be the hottest year on record, so why have we seen no reports about this?

The answer is simple – 2007 turned out to be the coolest year for 30 years. It is also the case that there has been no global warming since 1998. In fact, since 1998, there has been steady cooling.

Even more dramatic is the fact that the most recent computer model predictions indicate that there will be no more global warming for the next ten years. But the doomsters say that, after this ten-year period, global warming will come back with a vengeance. Why?

Certainly, mankind’s production of carbon dioxide (CO2) has continued to increase since 1998 and will continue to increase, particularly since countries such as China and India say that their economic growth comes first, so they do not intend worrying too much about CO2 production.

As many of us have been explaining the science was never settled on Global Warming. And after 20 years of trying to instill panic (and garnering $billions of dollars in government handouts) the actual measured data now PROVES the IPCC and its blind followers were WRONG. Look, they predicted the Earth would be 0.4-1.0 °C warmer right now, and the fact is it is now cooler. Their estimate had 95% confidence error bars – which means that they were 95% confidently wrong!

The fact is the IPCC and others cherry picked data to fit the preconceptions, and ignored data that clearly showed something other than CO2 was at work. How is it Mars and Jupiter experiencing effects of Global Warming too? What about the shrinking northern ice cap here on Earth and newly discovered massive undersea volcanoes there experiencing historic eruptions not seen since Pompeii (note: these could have been erupting for a year before they blew their tops in 1999 – which maps incredibly well with the warm peak in 1998).

Another study is showing something really stunning – the real record for “Global Warming” in the last three thousand years was actually during the Roman Empire (click image to enlarge at original site):

If one only looks at the period from 1500 to today (as all the alarmists do) then it looks like we are in this massive rise of temperature. But if you look across 3,000 years we see simply a trough in a series of repeating waves. That is the essence of cherry picking data to warp the perspective. Whether it is in the form of self delusion or deliberate misrepresentation do not change the facts.

After 20 years to prove the IPCC theories, the results have proven the IPCC is wrong. That is now established fact. Why it is wrong is a matter of investigation so that humanity does not get led down the wrong path again. Science will work to understand how this grand mistake came about.

It is time to throw out the garbage and start fresh, this time with real science instead of an international, politically motivated, cluster-panic. Mob mentality is not meant to be part of the scientific method, nor is financial gain tied to media headlines.

Update: Forgot to add this link to a study which shows the arctic ice melt is not all the chicken littles claim it is:

One of the most vivid symbols of global warming used by scientists and campaigners to spur society to curb climate-warming emissions is photography of gushing rivers of meltwater plunging from the surface of Greenland’s ice sheet into the depths.

Recent studies have shown these natural drainpipes, called moulins, can speed up the slow seaward march of the grinding ice by lubricating the interface with bedrock below. The faster that ice flows, the faster seas rise. Now, though, a new Dutch study of 17 years of satellite measurements of ice movement in western Greenland concludes that the speedup of the ice is a transient summertime phenomenon, with the overall yearly movement of the grinding glaciers not changing, and actually dropping slightly in some places, when measured over longer time spans.

So, the water running through glaciers is nothing new… Whodathunkit!

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9 Responses to “2007 Coolest Year In 3 Decades: After 20 Years Of Global Cooling James Hansen Still Screams “Fire”!”

  1. WWS says:

    Among other things that graph is useful for, it goes to show how absolutely wrong the gw alarmists have been in worrying about warming.  The warmest periods in human history have always been associated with good times to live, expansion of populations, the rise of empires.  The cold waves coincide with mass starvation, migration, and war.  The end of the Roman warming period led to mass migrations out of central asia as the populations could no longer survive there – the great barbarian invasion which destroyed Rome.  The period from 500AD to 900, a time of very cold weather, was the depths of the dark ages. Life, as the saying goes, was nasty, brutish, and short. Similarly the 16th century, in the middle of the little ice age, saw more deaths in Europe from disease, starvation, and war than any other century besides the 20th.  (We don’t have a good excuse for the 20th, we did that one all on our own.)The warm peaks have always been the best time to be alive on the planet earth – and the cold times are the worst.  That’s why I am bothered by what the science today *really* shows – that this warming trend may have ended in 1998 and we are now headed into a definite cooling trend of indeterminate duration.   If it was gradual, that wouldn’t be a problem – but the last 12 months or so of temp data (see your graph) are showing a dramatic and rapid drop in world temperatures.  Early July, and it’s another unseasonably cool morning here in Texas.

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  3. Dorf77 says:

    Burn More Gas (or diesel)

    Turn the thermostat up

    Tear out attic insulation.

    Build large bonfires.


    That’l fix it…

    PS what is a Scientist? I know What Engineers do (solve practical problems). Do Scientists create problems?

  4. Dc says:

    I dont’ guess anybody remembers the 70s and “global cooling” and the political and media roles in it?


  5. BarbaraS says:

    I remember the hype back in the 70s. It was like the sky is falling. Global cooling? I went to a wedding in Chattanooga in July 1978 and the temperature was 103 in the shade. These people were not so vocal for years until they came up with global warming.

    With the freezing temeratures last year they now call it “climate change”. That’s because it saves a lot of time and explanations when it gets cool and when it gets hot.

    What I have never understood is how scientists or anybody else knows how cold or warm it was centuries ago when there was no way to record temperatures and records were not kept. Also if meteorologists can’t predict the weather accurately for the next week, how can they predict the weather for years in the future.

    All through history we have heard from these alarmists and when nothing happens they fold up their signs and their tents and go home. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again puny man has no control of nature’s forces. All we can do is adjust to any extremes the best way we can. We cannot change the weather and our actions have no effect on it at all.

  6. Dc says:

    I’ll tell you the biggest contributor to warming of the earth…..the sun (rolls eyes)

    Man is just far to arrogant to think we can actually destroy (or even “control” Earth or anything else.

    If you ask me…”weather” is like the last bastion of science. They can’t even predict it accurately day to day. You are better off looking out your window to see what it’s doing than listening to the weather channel/report. My friends throbbing foot from an old injury is a better predictor of rain than anything I’ve seen yet.

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