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Jun 11 2008

Exactly What Happened On The Pakistan-Afghan Border? Did We Uncover Taliban Allies Inside The Pakistan Government?

Update (2nd):  The BBC has pentagon video footage of the air strikes demonstrating the fire was directed at anti-Afghan forces (AAF) firing upon coalition forces inside Afghanistan, supporting the US claims and calling into question the Taliban and what appears to be ISI claims, as discussed below. – end update There appears to be some ‘walking […]

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Jun 11 2008

Did We Get Zawahiri? – Updated

Keep Checking For New Updates Below! Major Update:  Pakistan sources admit the incident began when militants from Pakistani areas crossed into Afghanistan to attack Afghan and NATO forces: The soldiers were killed at a border post in the Mohmand region, opposite Afghanistan’s Kunar province, as US-led forces in Afghanistan clashed with fighters attacking from Pakistan, […]

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Jun 11 2008

Was Missile Attack In Pakistan Actually A Clash With Pakistani Troops?

I posted yesterday on a missile attack (maybe up to four missiles) that hit Pakistan.  There also was some fighting which broke out on the ground in the region between Taliban and Afghan and NATO forces.  That was the impression yesterday. Today there are now reports that give a totally different story.  By these accounts […]

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Jun 11 2008

Is Obama The “Emperor’s New Clothes” Come Alive?

Are we seeing the fictional “The Emperor’s New Clothes” coming to life before our eyes? Barrack Obama seems to be the classic empty suit, he stands for nothing and everything. He claims to have done many things, but there is a nagging lack of a record of accomplishment. His electoral wins in the state of […]

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