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Jun 08 2008

As The Sun Sets On al-Qaeda

I would not have predicted, in the year or so after 9-11, that we would find ourselves 7 years later without any new terrorist attacks in the US, and al-Qaeda and their ilk fading in popularity across the Muslim community. And (if one wants to skip to the end of this post) who would have […]

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Jun 08 2008

Clinton Supporters Will Go To McCain, Super Delegates May Feel The Wrath Of The Disenfranchised Primary Voter

I predicted a couple of times in recent months Obama was heading for trouble because he was losing moderated democrats who were flocking to Hillary (see here and here for examples).  The indicator this would happen would be polls showing no bump for Obama if he won the nomination ‘outright’.  If there was no celebratory […]

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Jun 08 2008

Michelle Obama Tape Rumor Just The Start Of The Stupid Season?

It is well known that there is always a downside to all leaps in progress. In the case of the internet and blogosphere the upside was how legions of real experts on subject broad and wide were able to shatter the monopoly the news media held on informing the people on the issues and challenges […]

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