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Jun 10 2008

Jihadist: “Zawahiri And His Emir Bin Laden [Are] Extremely Immoral”

I know others have posted on The New Republic article by Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank, which came out May 23rd, but I want to add this assessment on the decline of al-Qaeda to the list of other similar articles I have been highlighting this week. With one important additional angle – how this article […]

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Jun 10 2008

Another AQ Leader Targeted In Pakistan Tribal Areas – Updated!

Major Update At The End As I noted in the earlier post below, al-Qaeda has been retreating from a range of defeats in Iraq, Lebanon (and I forgot to mention Afghanistan which is over 75% pacified) and is being surrounded by allied forces. This has allowed allied forces to use intelligence to take out 3 […]

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Jun 10 2008

The Signs Of al-Qaeda’s Decline Being Reported Widely

Yesterday I posted on many diverse articles that indicate a rapidly declining al-Qaeda as their credibility has been destroyed through their fascist efforts to violently oppress their fellow Muslims, resulting in innumerable stories of atrocities and the creation of Muslim heros in those who fought back against al-Qaeda.  Today we get another report on the […]

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Jun 10 2008

The GOP Will Be Saved By Fanatical Liberal Fools In 2008

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overreach |ˌōvÉ™rˈrē ch | verb1 [ intrans. ] reach too far : never lean sideways from a ladder or overreach. • ( overreach oneself) defeat one’s own purpose by trying to do more than is possible : he was an arrogant egotist who overreached himself. The GOP is a very lucky party right now.  By all measures it is supposedly headed towards huge losses this fall in Congress and the […]

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