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Jun 05 2008

For Those Who Need To Remember

Here are two songs that were written after 9/11. Both of them mean something to me, and I think that people need to be reminded how we all reacted. Courtesy of the Red, White, And Blue (The Angry American)- Toby Keith American Girls and American Guys We’ll always stand up and salute We’ll always recognize […]

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Jun 05 2008

Not Going To See Any Michelle Obama Tape This Week

Clinton’s camp seems to have gotten cold feet on the Michelle Obama video.  I don’t blame them, most of us (even those who oppose Obama as he stands now) want to give Michelle and Barrack there moment in the Sun as they enjoy the fact they made history.   The video is not coming out […]

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Jun 05 2008

Obama Needs To Stop Pointing To Bush’s Entry Into Iraq And Start Explaining What Damage He Will Accept In Leaving Iraq

Addendum:  In the post below I note the war in Iraq is America’s war – not Bush’s war.  I reminded folks that Congress approved the action overwhelmingly (by much larger margins than Gulf War I) and Bush was reelected in a vote of confidence from Americans themselves.  I failed to note Congress has for each […]

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