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Jul 07 2007

“KAABOOOOM”! Can You Hear Me Now?

That was the basic idea, it seems, behind the gasoline and nail filled cars parked in downtown London. If not for a lucky design flaw in the detonation system in an otherwise ingenious car bomb, the long distance triggering signal from halfway around the world would have not only detonated the bombs killing or injurying […]

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Jul 07 2007

Anbar Province Is Liberated From al-Qaeda

Anbar Province is, for all intent and purposes, now liberated from al-Qaeda. Yes, car and truck bombs can be snuck into any place and kill tens or hundreds of Muslims. But al-Qaeda is not wanted and will never rule Anbar – once host to the capitol of Bin Laden’s modern caliphate. We can see this […]

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Jul 07 2007

Did A Spurned Litvinenko Turn To Smuggling Nuclear Materials?

As my regular readers know I have always found the idea that Russia would send assassins to kill Alexander Litvinenko a ludicrous waste of effort. Litvinenko was a small time, outrageous misfit who only made Putin look like a respectable, serious leader in comparison. Litvinenko was of no use to Putin dead, and there was […]

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Jul 07 2007

Way Over Doing The Weight Lifting

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Pravda has a photo essay which illustrates how compulsive obsession (and a healthy dose of steroids) can destroy your body and your life. Just check out these pictures.

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Jul 07 2007

al-Qaeda Infiltrated UK Security Forces?

If this reporting is true then the UK has a big, big problem: AS many as eight people thought to have links with extremists including al Qaeda are working for British police forces, according to reports. Sources claim MI5 has helped draw up a list of individuals working as officers or civilian staff for a […]

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Jul 07 2007

GOP Fractures

The Immigration issue tore the GOP apart because of hardliners using ridiculously harsh and uncalled for rhetoric. The calls of “treason” and “un-American” and “el Presidente Jorge” split the moderates from the hardliners – who love to use disparaging names against moderates like “RINO”. And the result – the country is might lose Iraq at […]

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Jul 07 2007

Classic Biased Poll

The ARG poll out that claims nearly half the country wants to impeach Bush and over half wants to impeach Cheney is as bogus as they come. It must be a push poll with the some weasely wording, after a list of potential ‘crimes’, along the lines of ‘given these claims would you consider impeachment’ […]

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