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Jul 16 2007

Bush Succeeds With North Korea

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Despite all the leftwing handwringing and ridiculous calls to move from multi-party regional talks to unilateral US-NK talks (without the pressure from NK’s neighbors) Bush held firm and has succeeded with North Korea and their nuclear threat. NORTH Korea has confirmed that it has shut down its Yongbyon atomic reactor under UN supervision, the first […]

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Jul 16 2007

Democrat Congressman Compares Our President To Hitler

Is the Democrat party allied with al-Qaeda’s Islamo Fascists? What would one say if the only Muslim in Congress compared our President, during a time of war, to Hitler? Freshman Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN), the only Muslim in U.S. Congress, has set off a firestorm of controversy after comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler, and […]

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Jul 16 2007

The Evil Of Impatience

Impatience kills. Impatient drivers are dangerous with road rage, and impatient legislators produce abhorent results. Impatience with regard to Iraq will KILL. There is no way around this reality. If we depart too soon, before Iraq can safely grab the reigns of all the success we are now seeing, there will be a blood bath […]

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Jul 16 2007

Iraq Parliament Should Take A Breather, Come Back When People Calm Down

The SurrenderMedia is all in a tizzy because the Iraq Parliament is at loggerheads on key legislation and is taking the month off in August. Personally I think this is a good idea. When emotions are high and stress is making it hard to compromise, taking some down time to cool off and regain some […]

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