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Jul 24 2007

Poll Shows Muslims Rejecting Suicide Bombings, Therefore al-Qaeda’s Strategy

Folks might find it interesting that my observations on how the Muslim community was reacting to the violent nature of al-Qaeda’s mass killings is being born out in an poll soon to be out, according to The Drudge Report which has this pending headline “Global poll finds Muslims increasingly reject suicide bombings… Developing…”. I noted […]

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Jul 24 2007

Did al-Qaeda Move Its Leaders And Expose Them?

It is well known that Zawahiri has been much more active recently, and that has led to speculation that his activities will expose the hideout of the leadership. I referenced this possibility in a previous post. And there are efforts within Pakistan to address the consolidation of al-Qaeda forces in Pakistan: Thirty-five militants and two […]

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Jul 24 2007

TNR’s Thomas Sham Affair

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It seems liberals are being liberal with the truth again, now promulgating fictional anecdotes that smear our military men and women risking their lives on the front lines of our war in Iraq: “Thomas” describes three instances of shocking behavior by U.S. troops. In the first, his buddies humiliate a woman in the chow hall […]

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Jul 24 2007

Does Massacring Muslims Give al-Qaeda Success?

al-Qaeda is frustrated. So frustrated with the lack of purity in Iraq it has been on a relentless campaign of mass killings. But not mass killings of Americans or Westerners. Mass killings of Muslims, the very people al-Qaeda purports to represent. Today we see the bottomless brutality of al-Qaeda on display again as it attacks […]

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