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Feb 28 2006

DPW: Just The Facts Please

Jim Geraghty has compiled a list of information and misinformation. Those serious about this debate should note two things: I don’t begrudge someone for having concerns about this deal. However, I do begrudge someone for not having their facts straight. Actually, I ignore people who cannot get the facts straight on an issue. When I […]

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Feb 28 2006

Democrats, NY Times, ACLU Align With Al Qaeda

 UPDATE: I hate WordPress 2 and its new editor interface.  When I copy a post to spell check it in word it loses all the links.  I fixed the link I lost to the original article END UPDATE “Democrats, NY Times, ACLU Align With Al Qaeda” – catchy title, isn’t it? Makes you wonder what […]

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Feb 28 2006

I’m With Richard Cohen

** Major Update at End: Sen Reid Endorses Michael Savage ** Mark this on your calendars, I am with Richard Cohen on the DPW issue. There are times when President Bush sorely disappoints. Just when you might expect him to issue a malapropistic explanation, pander to his base or simply not have a clue about […]

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Feb 26 2006

Jumping Into Jail On UAE

Well, this morning’s political talks shows demonstrate a sea change in the UAE-Port debate. On Stephanopalous’ ABC round table most pundits portrayed the anti-UAE forces in a very negative light. The view from overseas is really harsh as we are seen as racist. The only negative still remaining on Bush is the administration didn’t anticipate […]

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Feb 25 2006

Anti Port Forces Shamelessly Attack US Ally

I knew it was coming. The anti-port forces have gone from veiled insults regarding a key ally in our efforts in the Middle East to open insults. Apparently still trying to convince Americans to toss out our besy qualities and ‘fear the Aurabs’ the anti-port voices are now endangering our foreign policy efforts. The UAE […]

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Feb 24 2006

The Damage We Have Done

I have lost a lot of new ‘friends’ over this DPW port issue I fear (hard to call someone a friend you meet over the internet ether without feeling like you are being too forward). Too many people I admired and who I enjoyed bloggin side-by-side with have gone to a place I cannot follow. […]

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Feb 24 2006

Ayrab-Phobes Losing Credibility, Time To Chose

UPDATE: I need to give credit were credit is due. I borrowed the term “Ayrabs” from Jack Kelly’s recent post. I don’t want him to think I was lifting it without credit. It is an off-color jab at some uncomfortable and unfortunate commentary going on right now. I know it carries some sting with it. […]

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Feb 23 2006

The Tide Turns On UAE Deal, Damage Done

*** updates at the end *** The tide is shifting under all those who ran to the cameras or spouted off uninformed about the UAE company Dubai Ports World as more and more people research the topic seriously. Sister Toldjah has the best round up of recent, factual writing on this. From the revelations much […]

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Feb 22 2006

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

All the scenario generators who think up excuses to discriminate against a critical Middle East ally are simply playing the game of “guilty until proven innocent”. So many people after 9-11 said we should stand tall and not cower down to fear, or change who we are and what America is, because then Al Qaeda […]

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Feb 22 2006

From The Duh! Files

My sincere apologies to all the Bush critics on the UAE port deal – but I mean really: Stewart A. Baker, assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security, said at a news conference yesterday that Dubai Ports World, which won a takeover battle for a British firm now operating terminals in the […]

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