Feb 26 2006

Jumping Into Jail On UAE

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Well, this morning’s political talks shows demonstrate a sea change in the UAE-Port debate. On Stephanopalous’ ABC round table most pundits portrayed the anti-UAE forces in a very negative light. The view from overseas is really harsh as we are seen as racist. The only negative still remaining on Bush is the administration didn’t anticipate such a wide spread initial revulsion -fed by alarmist headlines and Arab hating rhetoric from the media. Which will not last, because everyone is being reminded that this story came out last fall, and only recently was fired up on false information.

I watched E.J. Dionne on ABC and Jaun Williams on Fox get their heads handed to them for continuing the demagoguery. Jaun was completely rolled because FOX played Governor Corzine’s disgusting Democratic Radio address where he called our ally, the UAE, ‘dangerous murderous men with blood money’, again playing on people’s fears of Al Qaeda and terrorist. The media apparently is not ready to communicate these words to America since I have to find the quote on-line. FOX News played it so I know it exists. Any links would be appreciated.
Jaun wanted claim Rep and Cons were the ones who started the fear of Arabs, but Krauthammer cut him to the quick by pointing out Bush focuses his concerns on Al Qaeda – a legitimate threat – and not the UAE – a key critical ally.

Someone I worked with briefly who passed away last fall suddenly had a great expression “Jumping Into Jail”. It is when someone has made a good point, won the argument, but then talks too long or about another side point and undermines all their points. He reminded people to make their point and to not “jump into jail”.

Well, the Democrats and hyperventilating Republicans in Congress jumped into jail on the UAE. It is clear the UAE a better ally in the Middle East than our NATO partners Germany and France. So lame attempts to say we do discriminate against governments and companies by using France and NATO as examples only reaffirms we need knew allies. The old ones propped up Saddam Hussein in some warped hope the status quoe in the ME would protect us. All it did was protect us from making hard choices. Our new allies, like The UAE, are helping us in taking on those hard choices. Unlike the EU and Liberal ‘wormtongues’ who tease us with the idea that complacency will work out so they do not have to takes risks, The UAE stands by us and takes risks with us. So pulling the NATO card works against the anti-port side. I mean, who would you rather have at your side in the ME: France (readying to surrender) or The UAE?

The people of America were startled and reacted out of fear to this news. But it was a lie. An ugly, ugly lie promulgated by a jealous liberal media which has not been able to stop Bush or his conservative policies. The media would prefer we listen to France more than work with the UAE – and Corzine’s un-American comments illustrate the left is trying to keep the lie alive. It was not Bush’s fault the reaction to this issue happened. Bush never lied or tried to hide it, the news has been out for months.

People upset at the deal, and hopefully now aware they may have been manipulated by having the anti-Bush forces play on their concerns, will lash out the source of the problem. They will lash out at the source of ‘the lie’.

Everyone who felt security was for sale now know we were putting trust into an ally who has been securing our armed forces and the goods arriving into our ports for years now. So this was a lie meant to create a backlash at Bush. Everyone who felt we were selling out to big corporate interests now know that the corporate interests where not American, and therefore not something Bush would even be remotely involved with. In fact, we now know Bush had no inkling of this subject until it was approved by the non-political experts. So that was a lie meant to play into the stereotype hate of the anti-Bush fanatics.

These lies have possibly damaged a relationship with a key ally who plays a critical role in protecting our troops in harms way. These lies might risk the lives of the people we need to support without question – our military. So I think we can agree that the Democrats overplayed this hand.

Corzine just compared our allies to our enemies. He demonstrated more clearly than ever before why the left cannot be trusted, nor the robots in the media. While America would rightfully be upset if and when there was a case of selling our security down the road for profits, we will also be upset with people who lie to us and sell our security down the road for votes! The left tried to manipulate us, and many fell for it for a while. So who is at greater risk?

Bush defending an ally from Ayrab- paranoia and false charges, or the left for lying about the entire affair, fanning the flames of Ayrab-paranoia, and really damaging our security and the protection of our armed forces in combat? Which side will reap the anger of America? I think the democrats just jumped into jail, and are scrambling to gain a seat in the electric chair.


It never hurts to have those critics who are so skittish they cannot discern an ally come forward and admit their short comings.

Just because you’re Islamophobic

. . . doesn’t mean you’re wrong

Actually, it does. It means you are incapable of rational, logical thought and context. This is by Kathleen Parker, who repeats the irrelevant fact that Pakistan and the UAE recognized the Taliban (maybe it was their way of trying to correct the problem through engagement – that thought ever cross your mind Kathleen?). But Ms. Parker is among an ever shrinking number of people who, as I pointed out yesterday, don’t have the backbone to reach out to an ally who is covering the backs of our fighting men and women, when those same men and women are being asked to arm and fight side-by-side with Ayrabs of dubious connections in Iraq.

If only our armchair generals in the states could muster a tenth of one percent of the morale fortitude of the soldiers they backed sending into harms way. Then we would have a clear path to winning this war instead of constant clamorings from left and right to find ways to retreat.

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  1. smh10 says:

    AJ: Another wonderful take on a difficult issue. What a pleasure to read a piece written with common sense and sanity.

  2. clarice says:

    You and your readers might find valuable this graphic from today’s WaPo on how cargo moves. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/graphic/2006/02/26/GR2006022600087.html The ridiculous Kerry calim that only 5% of containers are inspected had become embedded and really does not portray port security honestly.

  3. RiverRat says:

    From Varifrank,

    Well, in this case ” Thank you for shipping on Emirates Sky Cargo”

    From the Emirates Sky Cargo Website:

    Emirates SkyCargo is the award-winning air freight division of Emirates Airline. Established in 1985, we quickly built a reputation for leading the industry in innovation, flexibility and service.

    Today, we continue to set the standard. Flying to over 75 destinations worldwide, we pride ourselves on offering our customers comprehensive cargo solutions. Through SkyChain, our online cargo logistics system, we’re changing the way the cargo business works, empowering our customers with the tools they need to better control their consignments.

    Our cargo solutions have been developed to provide our customers with cutting-edge air freight services. Our Priority Products assure on-time delivery throughout the world, while our extensive trucking and offline partner networks ensure comprehensive coverage where our customers need it most.

    Our fleet, too, demonstrates our commitment to excellence. Amongst the youngest of any airline, it comprises the latest wide-body jets from Airbus and Boeing. We were the first major airline to place an order for the revolutionary Airbus A380 super jumbo.

    In everything we do, quality is our watchword. We’re particularly proud that our efforts have been recognised throughout the industry. IFW voted us ‘Air Cargo Carrier of the Year’ in 2004 and 2005. Air Cargo News voted Emirates ‘Cargo Airline of the Year’ in 1995, 1999, 2000 and again in 2001 and has named us ‘Best Cargo Airline to the Middle East’ for the last 17 consecutive years. SkyCargo was also awarded ‘Best Cargo Airline to the Indian Subcontinent’ for the 8th consecutive year by Air Cargo News and ‘ Logistics Service Provider Award ‘ by STMicroelectronics.

    …end snip

    BTW, the Saudi Government owned shipping company has been managing marine terminals in Canada and the US since…get this…1979

  4. Decision '08 says:

    Sea Change On Ports Deal?…

    I missed the Sunday morning talking heads (well, I didn’t miss ‘em all that much), but AJ caught ‘em, and he detects a distinct change in attitude regarding the UAE port controversy.
    Some, however, think it’s too little, too l…

  5. Larwyn says:

    Great chart Clarice linked.
    They went for simplicity by having the container loaded at Rotterdam
    then heading to a U S Port and unloaded at that first US Port of call.

    They skipped fact that the ship’s manifest would be updated at each
    port of call and include “berthing” information. Our people would be
    able to “see” exactly what row and what tier space the container occupied. As I explained before, containers “may be moved” from
    original positions for safety i.e. to balance the load. But with the
    pre-booking necessary to spot containers at shipper’s location
    the load master’s job is to minimize the costly repositioning of containers.

    A shipment from an Italian furniture manufacturer may well use
    a shipping line that has already stopped or will stop at other Med. Sea
    ports in Muslim and African countries with last port of call at a Spanish

    So think “Hollywood” Tom Clancey blockbuster where the “cabal”
    plans multiple containers shipped from different origins from different
    ports and different countries. The “cabal” designs the berting plan
    where containers with hidden detonators are to be surrounded by
    containers full of separate chemicals/powdered “metals” which
    are not dangerous unless mixed. No different from a careless
    cleaner using chlorine beach and ammonia. So tiny explosions
    designed to simply break integrity of the chem’s packaging at an
    appropriate time could release large toxic cloud at the U. S. Port. (many
    in powdered or granular form are shipped in bulk – not in individual

    There are HazMat laws all shipping conferences adhere to regarding stowage
    and berthing. They do
    not want to lose their ships. But clearly you can see the possibility
    if we do not have reliable stowage/berthing information from reliable ships’ manifests at each and every port of call.

    We need friends at every port. Think it was Tigerhawk who wrote it
    was smart to use “an Arab to catch an Arab”. We have a serious problem
    translating Arabic names into English – is it Osama of Usama?
    Arabs know just by names historical tribal connections. So Tigerhawk’s
    point is extremely salient.

    Watching a Biden clip right now – using the 911 Ommission as the
    authority on the safety of our ports, that “not historically relevant” gang on Able Danger. Hard to decide what is more
    frightening, President Hillary, President Kerry, President Gore, President
    Biden? God save us.

  6. In the mood…

    I see that I’m not the only one who’s reacted to recent news the way I have.  Here’s a small round-up of similar sentiments:
    Joe Katzman, Winds of Change
    Jim Geraghty, NRO Online
    Jack Kelly, Irish Pennants
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  7. blueguitarbob says:

    The text (and mp3s) of New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine’s radio address can be found here:


    >>FOX played Governor Corzine’s disgusting Democratic Radio address where he called our ally, the UAE, ‘murderous men with blood money’

    At least according to the transcript (I did not listen to the mp3s), the quote actually was “Dangerous men, tainted blood money and nuclear technology have moved across UAE borders.” I’m the last person to defend Jon Corzine, but his actual words are down a Defcon level from AJ Strata’s recollection.

    Now that we have the man’s actual words, we see that they are, in debating terms, a red herring. Yes, no doubt, dangerous men, technology of all sorts, and money (bloody and not) have moved across UAE borders. I won’t contest that. So what? All of the above have moved across _our_ borders, probably some within the last few hours. What does this have to do with DP World? Are they in charge of securing the borders of the UAE?

    Thanks, AJ, for being on the forefront of bringing sense to this issue.

  8. Oldcrow says:

    It turns out the Saudi’s have been running port terminals operations for a while in the U.S. why no outcry? Maybe because it was Bill Clinton who allowed it? Follow the LINK.

  9. Larwyn says:

    Sent AJ an email on the Saudi situation. What is really funny is
    they own the ships and some are RORO’s = Roll On/Roll Off.

    Type our Military uses to transport tanks and wheeled missile launchers
    for small example.

    The old Tom Clancey could do a lot with that senario.

  10. RiverRat says:


    You should also note the UAE has been flying cargo and passengers into JFK since 1985. They also lease a terminal there. Shut them down now, they’re scary Ayrabs. Write to Chuckles and the Hillamonster today and demand they be thrown out…NOW!

  11. Larwyn says:

    You’ll love this”
    Gateway Pundit has:
    Hillary Has “Port Values” Except when it’s Saudi Arabia or China

    Hillary said:
    …..” they violate our values and our interests. Now, I don’t claim that democrats are always right but we are far more likely to make choices that reflect the values and advance the well being of the American people.”

    ……..back in 1997, when Hillary was serving as co-president, the Saudi owned shipping company (NSCSA) began service between North America and Italy, Greece and Turkey?

    ………Back in 1999 when a Chinese owned Hutchinson-Whampoa, Ltd. took control of ports at both ends of the Panama Canal the Clinton White House scoffed at the security risks:

    Clinton White House spokesman Joe Lockhart dismissed the Insight story about Chinese port control including the Panama Canal and the surrounding controversy as “silly stuff.

    ………Chinese owned Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd. today owns 90% of Panama Ports Company.

    RTWT at GatewayPundit

    Would Hillary’s values include rascism and ignorance?

  12. MaidMarion says:

    Walid Phares has a new post on The Counterterrorism Blog worth reading, “A Jihad Window at the Emirates Gate?”