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Mar 09 2006

Chicken Hawks Lead The Mob-Think

The reaction by too many regarding the Dubai Ports World buy out of British Company P&O has been very sad and hard to watch. The liberals, who have been throwing mud against the wall since 2000 to see what will stick against Bush, are expected to reach down and use whatever they can to try […]

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Mar 08 2006

Will Congress Sink Dubai Deal?

Lots of breaking news about Congress attempting to block the Dubai Deal through legislation. They will not want to call Bush’s bluff, unless they want to see a real exercise in Presidential power. No, not the Veto. The pen. Bush has a 45 day review going on where he decides the final outcome. If legislation […]

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Mar 06 2006

Three Cheers For Wolf Blitzer

I am absolutely stunned I am saying this, but Wolf Blitzer went to Dubai to do the Situation Room from there and he did some really amazing, balanced reporting tonight. I watched him interview our military commanders who gave The UAE and DPW an A+ for their efforts in protecting our naval ships in port. […]

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Mar 06 2006

Democrats And Terrorists

A must read on the Democrats track record on terrorism from Hawaii Reporter. It’s worth the time. Any contact with Muslim states involves the chance that an al-Qaeda infiltrator may slip through. But terrorists have attacked the USA without the UAE leasing any port unloading facilities. They are also capable of attacking without the use […]

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Mar 03 2006

Another False, Hyperventilating Headline

Everybody ready to have your Arab-fear chain yanked again? Check out this headline and then realize the FACTS! UAE buys British firm that runs U.S. military facilities You think they UAE bought Ft Belvior or something! First off, anyone knee jerk enough to think British firms run military facilities deserves to be tossed out of […]

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Mar 03 2006

Wake Up America, Your Fears Can Hurt You

America, in a fit if Ayrab fear over the DPW stock buy out of a British company, is risking so much in listening to the facsist nuts like Michael Savage (now an advisor to Democrat Sen Harry Reid). The potential of someone slipping though all the security arrangements now in place with The UAE and […]

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Mar 02 2006

From Those Who Know About Ports

Why do we need The UAE as an ally both commercially and with regards to security? Listen to the experts, one of whom commented on this site most intelligently about what is a real threat and what is a politically made up threat: Since I work in the cargo industry, I am not surpised in […]

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Mar 02 2006

Oh What A Tangled Web!

What do China’s President, Sandy Berger and US Port Security have in common? More importantly, why should they have anything in common! Sandy Berger is a confessed thief of national security information which he claims he destroyed using scissors in his office (was the shredder not working?). China is not an ally of the form […]

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Mar 02 2006


People see what they want to see in issues I guess. I was reading Tom Blevan’s latest panic attack on RCP and it still strikes me how few people understand how the Federal Government works and how security issues work. Until I started blogging I had no idea how unique my knowledge was after being […]

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Mar 02 2006

Will Conservatives Throw It All Away Over Ports?

Conservatives who are against the UAE port are going to face a hard lesson in humility – deal with it or undermine Bush’s second term. The UAE Port deal is going through, there is nothing to stop a determined President from respecting a good ally (at least when compared to Russia, France and Germany): US […]

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