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Feb 21 2006

Racist On Chris Mathews

Well, Chris Mathews found a loud mouthed conservative racist to say his opposition to the UAE Port deal is all ‘ethnic’ based. Curt Weldon jumped the shark too saying Bush should have thought about how mindlessly people would react to this news. Weldon, like too many Congressman, is out for payback. Well, wonder how he […]

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Feb 21 2006

Bush Has Backbone

Well it is about time Bush came out and stood up to the mob mentality. And he is doing it with strength. Bush is threatening a veto (which we all knew would be used to reign in the reps not dems) on the UAE Port deal. From Drudge: Bush called reports at about 2.30 aboard […]

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Feb 21 2006

Port Deal Short Sightedness Runs Amok

** Updates Continuing At End ** Man, mob think is ugly. I have been reading some of the most crude and disgusting comments on conservative sites the rank right up there with Ann Coulter’s ‘Raghead’ debacle. Made me proud to be an independent. My posts on the UAE port debate are here, here and here. […]

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Feb 21 2006

‘Operations’ Is Not ‘Control’

I am so disappointed in how this Port-Dubai issue is playing out. Incorrect statements that derive from lazy writing, or worse a paraniod prejudice of all things Arab. The inaccuracies are always inflammatory. And the undercurrent is all irrational fear based on nothing concrete. I see phrases like this (emphasis mine): the sale of control […]

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Feb 20 2006

What Is Port Operations?

Folks, it is best to research a subject before going off in a panic of ineundo and incorrect information (which leads to wild conclusions). Port Operations are not security or ownership. It is traffic control, trash and clean up, etc. Security and the law are handled by the Coast Guard as part of Homeland Defense […]

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