Feb 28 2006

Democrats, NY Times, ACLU Align With Al Qaeda

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“Democrats, NY Times, ACLU Align With Al Qaeda” – catchy title, isn’t it? Makes you wonder what twist of words I will use to spin some tenuous connection between these folks. Sadly, no twist of words is necessary. For a complete list of the new Al Qaeda alliance we simply need to list all those against the NSA monitoring of our enemies:

(1) Senate Democrats

(2) Arlen Specter

(3) Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC

(4) The ACLU

(5) Move On

(6) Daily KOS

(7) NY Times, etc.

(8) Indicted Al Qaeda backer here in the US

All these folks stand against the NSA program of monitoring Al Qaeda making contact with people in the US. All of them have made efforts to stop this program. What is that last item you wonder? Well, now we can add to the list terrorist sympathizers here in the US (wonder what they are hiding?):

A lawsuit filed Tuesday asked a federal court to shut down electronic surveillance by the National Security Agency, based on claims the NSA illegally wiretapped conversations between the director of an Islamic charity and two of the charity’s attorneys.

A chapter of the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, a defunct Saudi Arabian charity, was established in Ashland in 1997 as a prayer house that also distributed Islamic literature. The chapter was indicted in February 2004 on tax charges alleging it helped launder $150,000 in donations to help Al Qaeda fighters in Chechnya in 2000.

What these people do not understand is we cannot stop just some monitoring of people in contact with Al Qaeda overseas, unless we stop monitoring Al Qaeda all together. Surveillance collects ALL communications of a target. There is no way to discriminate at the collection point. We have to read it all to see who is communicating on the other end with our enemy. Only then we can say whether one side is in the US or not.

Prior to 9-11, all communications with our enemies that included one side in the US would have all information regarding the US side deleted. Blind (stupid and lazy) justice to prevent law suits. It was convenient (lazy) to not have to make the case of why the communication with an enemy was important to national security.

After 9-11 Bush did not order a change to NSA surveillance of our enemies, he ended the idiotic deletion of leads to possible Al Qaeda agents in the US prepared to kill us. And it was secret, un-elected and un-accountable judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) who took the law and national security into their own hands dismissed all NSA leads to Al Qaeda in the US if it had attached to it three little letters: N, S and A. These demigods of omnipotence decided what was considered ‘truth’ based on which federal agency collected the lead. No accountability – not even after their obstructionist, secret policies (note: not established law, case law or precedence -just plain naked opinion) stopped us from detecting the 9-11 plot. No accountability at all.

These same folks are all up in arms about an Ayrab company (run by Americans and using American/Green Card workers, all requiring background checks) risking our lives, but in the next breath want to shut down all monitoring of our enemies and tip them off to what we know. Indicted terrorist sympathizers are judge shopping to have the entire thing shut down. The NY Times is suing to have all leads and numbers made public (and I guess they think we are all morons so we couldn’t possibly see this as tipping off the terrorists here in our country). It is not unlikely the NY Times will find their useful idiot on some bench somewhere – it has happened already before. And the ACLU wants us to just stop all intelligence gathering, so we can LITERALLY be like lambs to the slaughter (ear to bloody ear).

I may be out of the mainstream, but imagined boogeymen from some UAE company don’t worry me as much as Al Qaeda here in the country now – planning to attack us – caught communicating with Al Qaeda! And these nutcases who are trying to help them get away with it really worry me. Personally, I would rather trust DPW than that Rogues Gallery I have at the top of this post. They are all so desperate for votes they would do anything to get them. Why is it they can find all sorts of dangers in a stock purchase on the London Stock Exchange, but see nothing at all in Al Qaeda talking to people in the US?

And why is ANYONE listening to these fools? Explain THAT!

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