Mar 07 2008

Ships Stopping In Syria Seen As Possible Threat

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Something is brewing with regards to Syria. There has been increased pressure and sanctions on that country in recent weeks, and now ships from or transiting through Syria are on a watch list when coming to the US:

uthorities fearing alleged Syrian links with terrorism are increasing security for ships sailing into US ports after making calls in Syria, an official said, as Washington raised pressure on Damascus.

The new measures come after Washington deployed warships near Syria in the eastern Mediterranean, stepped up sanctions on Syria and blacklisted men who allegedly used Syria to aid Al-Qaeda operations in Iraq.

State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said Syria was placed on a so-called “Port Security Advisory List” because of “concerns about the connections between Syria and international terrorist organizations.”

The move allows the US Coast Guard “to impose some additional port security measures to ships traveling to or arriving in US ports that have previously been either departing from Syria or have called on Syrian ports,” he said.

Something triggered the new scrutiny. My guess is there are hints being detected in our intelligence that indicates we need to keep an eye on ships visiting Syria. It is clear al-Qaeda feels the desperate need to send a signal to America leading up to our elections this year. Syria and Iran would probably agree with that sentiment.

Sadly the news of these new precautions will allow anyone trying to attack to make adjustments to circumvent the new scrutiny. Our press at work protecting our freedoms (but getting those Pulitzers!).

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