Mar 22 2008

Update On Syria’s Nuclear Weapons Site

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Seems that facility Israel bombed was a nuclear weapons facility and likely involved support form North Korea:

For many months, Bush administration officials have been imagining a valedictory conclusion to their long-running negotiations with North Korea: Pyongyang would make a “complete and correct declaration” about its nuclear program, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would travel to North Korea to celebrate normalization of relations with a former member of the “axis of evil.”

But the North Korea breakthrough isn’t happening, and administration officials know they are running out of time before Bush leaves office.

What is blocking this breakthrough is North Korea’s refusal to explain its nuclear relationship with Syria. This remains one of the murkiest foreign-policy issues of the past year, but administration policymakers, intelligence officials and other analysts recently shed some new light on what happened.

American officials have begun to confirm publicly that they have hard intelligence about North Korean proliferation. Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, said in February 7 testimony to the House Intelligence Committee: “While Pyongyang denies a program for uranium enrichment and also denies its proliferation activities, we know North Korea continues to engage in both.” In a telephone interview this week, a senior intelligence official confirmed the Syria nuclear connection, saying: “Our suspicions are justified and valid. A lot of due diligence was done on this. People are confident.”

There are reasons the Bush administration is so completely opposed to Iranians being able to produce weapons grade uranium and the weapons themselves. Here are some dots for the left to ponder and provide a rational response to. Iran makes the weapons grade material, Syria builds the weapons. And AQ supporters in both Syria and Iran then can do what with them? They can smuggle them into Iraq, Lebanon and Israel – that is what they can do.

I know liberals can pretend these dots don’t exist or could never exist. The question is why would anyone deny the threat and not act to stop it?

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3 Responses to “Update On Syria’s Nuclear Weapons Site”

  1. VinceP1974 says:

    It’s CRIMINAL that Iran hasn’t been attacked yet.

    It’s CRIMINAL that Rice allowed NK to play us for chumps again. Everyone with a brain knew the agreement last year was a fraud.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    There is still the matter of some centrifuges that NK had that just can’t be found.

    You know how it is, you put something somewhere for safe keeping and then you forgot where you put it.

  3. dave m says:

    Golly AJ, you clearly haven’t yet heard the Word of Obama.
    Iran feeding U235 yo Syria and nuclear warheads being
    smuggled into the West for actual use, is another example
    of “them chickens coming home to roost”.
    Don’t ya get it? We deserve it.
    And Obama is going to do his best, if he gets elected,
    to maximize the chance of them chickens finding their