Apr 08 2008

Syria Home Of Saddam’s WMDs?

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The blogosphere is humming with anticipation that an upcoming US-Israeli report on the Israeli attack on a Syrian nuclear weapons facility is tied to the fact Saddam moved his WMDs to Syria (a sister Baathist regime) prior to the US invasion:

An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian facility will claim that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein transferred weapons of mass destruction to the country, Channel 2 stated Monday.

Big hat tip to Dr Sanity on this one. Dr Sanity also notes a good round up on this over at Shrink Wrapped. And there are some good links provided by Rick Moran at American Thinker. If this pans out it would provide another big upheaval in the American political dynamics, destroying again the naive mantra of the left in this country. This would be another huge blow to the credibility of the Surrendercrats and SurrenderMedia (as if they have any credibility left). You can read my previous posts on Syria and the war on terror here.

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  1. AJStrata says:

    Proof of what Norm

  2. truthhard2take says:

    The Sunnis, by the way-even those who are temporarily aligned with America, are waiting, you betcha, for an apology, and more, from America for the war crimes committed in the decimation of Fallujah.

  3. 75 says:

    Truthy’s running out of leftist catch phrases…”war crimes”. I think the only ones we haven’t gotten today are “Gitmo”, “Halliburton”, or “building 7” yet? Yep, complexity at work here.

  4. truthhard2take says:

    35% of the public agrees with you which is the best percentage you’ll ever have. Can’t fight a war for long on that level of support, so enjoy the quagmire while it lasts. Yeah, quagmire.

  5. ivehadit says:

    Peter Zeihan, from Stratfor, said he couldn’t wait for all the facts to come out on Israel’s attack on this “site”. Your post AJ was probably what he was talking about.

    And truthy, you are so far out of “the know” that it’s comical.

  6. ivehadit says:

    AJ, I wish you could have heard Peter Zeihan’s talk. It was so fantastic and opened many eyes to what is really going on and, imho, how we can thank George W. Bush for setting us on a great course for the future. And knocking out AlQ.

    The WTC attack of ’93, the USS Cole bombing, embassy bombings…what exactly did clinton do about these? N-o-t-h-i-n-g. And what were these attacks? According to Zeihan, Alq had a reason for these attacks and the reason involved their goal of establishing a Caliphate. Plain and simple. Democrats, in all their fear and loathing of America, would be totally blindsided by this.

    Democrats are over their collective heads when it comes to protecting America and foreign policy. Wimps.

  7. Cables, dispatches and memoranda…

    Cables, dispatches and memoranda for 4/9/2008……

  8. 75 says:

    TH2T …and yet…Bush’s approval rating is 14% above that of Congress. How do you explain that?