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Sep 02 2011

Liberal Economic Policies Keep Strangling Job Growth

We are small business owners who would love to grow our company and prepare for our Golden Years. We should be on the verge of a growth period as we have obtained critical mass in terms of engineering resources, corporate infrastructure, unique skills that are in high demand and a reasonably good cash flow outlook. […]

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Aug 07 2009

President Obama Gets A Pleasant July Surprise

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On the way in to work today the news was all about the pending unemployment report and how it will be bad. It wasn’t bad – the nation’s job losses leveled off  between June and July: Employers throttled back on layoffs in July, cutting just 247,000 jobs, the fewest in a year, and the unemployment […]

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Jul 05 2009

VP Biden Admits Stimulus Bill Was Never Going To Stimulate Jobs This Year

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Updates Below Most people knew that Vice President Joe Biden would be one of President Obama’s major handicaps throughout his inexperienced administration’s first years. It’s not because Joe is incompetent, in fact he was selected to be the wise old man of experience. No, it’s because Joe has trouble shading the truth. He is no […]

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Jun 30 2009

The ’09 Summer Of Failed Liberal Economic Policies

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Update: Well, the ADP numbers are out and – as predicted – the job situation is worsening: Companies in the U.S. cut more jobs than forecast in June, according to a private report today, showing the labor market will be slow to improve even as other parts of the economy indicate the recession is abating. […]

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Jun 05 2009

Where Is That Job Creating Stimulus We Were Promised?

Update: Make sure to check out Ed Morrissey’s take on the news today and that great graph at Hot Air showing the stimulus plan failed to live up to its promises. Here’s the graph!   Major Update: Here is a little reported report on the economy from the CBO from March of this year which […]

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Mar 06 2009

Measuring The Obama-Democrat Economic Disaster

While the democrats are trying to claim all that has happened is not their fault, we need to remember a few facts: The Democrat controlled Congress of last year decided to NOT produce a GFY 2009 budget under President Bush, instead demanding the government run on a Continuing Resolution (CR) until the Obama administration was […]

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