Sep 02 2011

Liberal Economic Policies Keep Strangling Job Growth

We are small business owners who would love to grow our company and prepare for our Golden Years. We should be on the verge of a growth period as we have obtained critical mass in terms of engineering resources, corporate infrastructure, unique skills that are in high demand and a reasonably good cash flow outlook.

But we also face huge unknowns which has us hesitating. How much will health care cost us (we operate on thin margins)? How much will regulation cost us (as we grow, we encounter more and more useless paperwork, diverting our income to low end clerical jobs that don’t help us grow and expand)? What will our tax burden be? Will we be paying extra for breathing CO2?

Obama and the ‘know-nothing-about-business’ liberals have royally screwed up. I gave up doing shovel related jobs 3 decades ago. I would rather be blazing a trail of innovative system-enterprise solutions that enable humankind to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos (or just the wealth of natural resources in our solar system). So we wait until 2012. As do businesses large and small across the country. Because the liberals are so ignorant of what makes this country’s economy work, they have stood in the way of obvious stimulus tools (lower taxes, less regulation and budget cuts to lower the deficits and debt) and have remained on their drunken spending spree (more Obamacare, though it does NOT cut costs or increase services, more taxes everywhere, and kneeling at the alter of Global Warming  – which is now not a science but a religion devoid of any scientific proof).

So we got ZERO job growth in August (note: we did add jobs, the lazy news media is wrong in this regard). Of course this came ‘unexpectedly’ for those who follow in the liberal fantasy world. The truth is we actually have marginally more people employed in the workforce this month (36,000), but we also have a lot more people moving back into the job hunt (366,000), expanding the over all work force towards its normal levels. Since 366,000 more unemployed returned to the state where the federal government counts them as unemployed (which simply means the government’s numbers are incredibly inaccurate) it means those 36,000 new employed people did not move the unemployment rate at all. However, the broader measurement of unemployment (U6) went from 16.1 to 16.2%.

I was going to update my charts that show how to calculate the actual U3 and U6 numbers, but apparently in upgrading to my new computer I left some files behind on the back up server. So I will update this post once I have retrieved them. But it is obvious just from eye balling these numbers the actual unemployment rate (U3) is still over 10.5%, adjusted for a normal workforce size given our current population. Same with U6 – it is probably still over 17%.

It is rapidly becoming clear this President and his left-drunk party are incapable of getting past their sad ideological fantasies and dealing with our real world problems. There are reasons community organizers don’t run businesses or anything dangerous, serious or a risk to human life. I don’t know about you, but I would not let a community organizer run a medical device company, a civil engineering company, an aerospace company, or a hospital, etc. Why we thought he could run a country that has led the globe in all these areas and many others is beyond me.

The President and his party of dreamers are not capable of charting a path out of our current problems. They look to the source of our problems (government incompetence and greed) as the salvation. We need people who will trim the government back and unleash Main Street to do what it has done best for over 200 years. Government is the problem that needs reigning in and fixing what is only essential. Until the left wakes up to this fact of life, they are useless.

Update: Hot Air, as expected, is having a good discussion of this economic fail.

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7 Responses to “Liberal Economic Policies Keep Strangling Job Growth”

  1. The BLS did it’s best to hide it, but we reached the inflection point of accelerated job destruction in every Recession.

    The current employment recession is by far the worst recession since WWII in percentage terms, and 2nd worst in terms of the unemployment rate (only the early ’80s recession with a peak of 10.8 percent was worse).

    The Republican attack line for the Obama Presidency is now written: HE MADE IT WORSE.

  2. AJStrata says:


    If we computed U3 as we did back in the 1980’s, or if we accounted for the abnormal shrinkage in the workforce, we would have broken that 10.8% record.

  3. Graham says:

    It’s the old communist way; ‘Two steps forward, one step back’.

  4. ivehadit says:

    David Horowitz has long said that liberals have NO CONCERN for the CONSEQUENCES of their actions. We are seeing this in spades now. Their stupid wind mills, their stupid electric cars, their stupid ethanol and on and on and on. THEY DON’T WORK. Sheeze.

    If you liberals with ALL YOUR MONEY and YOU DO have lots of money for which you pay NO income tax (capital gains taxed and inherited from your relatives with capitalist successes, btw or from capitalist businesses) think this so-called green energy is so great, PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOU MOUTHS ARE. We don’t want ANOTHER PENNY of our money spent on these PROVEN FAILURES of liberal fantasies.

    Rick Perry, we’re waiting for ya! just barely hanging on…thanks, libs and those who voted for this FIASCO of an administration, imho.

  5. dbostan says:

    What if the liberals intended to hurt the (capitalistic) economy by their actions?
    Why do we have to give the benefit of the doubt, that they do not know what they doing, or they are incompetents?
    C’mon, it is well past time to hold them accountable for the disaster they created on purpose.

  6. AJ,

    I did mention the BLS trying to hide it.

    The key figures the BLS are not hiding it the total population and the work force participation rate.

    The total number of people employed, and the percentage of the total population working, will be down in Nov 2012 compared to now.

    It is baked into the economic cake based on 1) current business durable goods — AKA capital investment — purchases and 2) Obama Administration regulatory madness.

    The only question now about the 2012 election is how many Democrats the bad economy will take down with President Obama.

  7. momdear1 says:

    Like the moron who mounted the fishing pole on his row boat and hung a sheet on it and thought he had a sail boat, Obama’s low IQ self esteem enhanced, affirmative action bureaucrats think they can change human behavior and scientific achievement by enacting laws decreeing how things are going to be. They think they can Pass a law saying cars have to get 100 mp gallon of gas or industry has to emit zero emmissions and it’s taken care of. They do not realize that it takes technology to achieve advances in science and technology, and that portion of our society that has historically been responsible for most of our scientific and inovative achievements, WASP white males, have been replaced, by government decreed affirmative action policies, with the less than most qualified minorities and/or females who either can’t, or won’t, put forth the effort necessary to excell, in education, industry and government. Its’ no wonder we have become a debtor nation. The wolves are in charge of the hen house and are devouring the producers who made this country great.