Oct 10 2016

Clinton’s Worst Debate Moment

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It was a cringe-worthy moment in the debate.  The question was spot on and challenged Clinton (a politician through and through) what she meant by having a private position (global trade, open borders) and a public position (what she needs to say to get elected). And like the klutzy politician she truly is, she tried to invoke Abraham Lincoln to cover H->ER ass:

In response, she said that she was referring to how Lincoln got the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery passed, as depicted in the 2012 Spielberg film Lincoln.

“And I was making the point that it is hard sometimes to get the Congress to do what you want to do and you have to keep working at it and yes, President Lincoln was trying to convince some people, he used some arguments, convincing other people, he used other arguments,” she said. “That was a great — I thought a great display of presidential leadership.”

First off, it was a Hollywood movie she was referring to, not the actual  POTUS. Did Clinton learn all she knows about the real world from Holywood fiction?

I am pretty sure Lincoln’s public face was all about freeing the slaves at this point in time (1864, 4 years into the civil war). It was preceded by the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. So his public and private face were all in alignment. He was not going into back room saying “I am actually for slavery”.

To invoke such a bold and brave move by Lincoln to cover up HRC’s lying to the people about her positions on world trade and low wage workers for her rich allies was one of the grossest acts of political BS I have ever heard.  It was an insult to Lincoln, and if anything showed HRC will say anything to win the election. Anything.

Trump’s response was easy and on the tip of every tongue watching:

Clinton is no Lincoln.

Freeing the slaves is not the same as lining the wallets of Wall Street. What an insult to the African American community (which clearly is who this awkward and clumsy excuse was aimed at). To compare the end of slavery to open borders to replace Black workers is just unbelievable arrogance.

We clearly saw in this exchange Clinton’s lame attempt to put a better public face over her private face with Wall Street.

Epic Fail.


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