Oct 09 2016

Living Blogging The “Yuge” POTUS Debate

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10:04 PM – Sorry folks, been under the weather all day.  So far the debate is a draw or slightly towards Trump (because Clinton remains the status quo candidate in a anti-government election). The Trump Tapes have dissipated into some good discussions on real issues. So Trump survives (so far) and the media ‘sleaze guns’ failed to make a dent.

9:52 PM EST – OK, the actually got to the question of the wikileaks and her two faced positions. Clinton: Now she lies another big lie she was talking about Lincoln! Good lord, this woman cannot say anything straight and open. Trump better come back and say “Lincoln”, that’s your story?  And of course it is all about Russia undermining her. Can you say desperate and paranoid?

Trump: She got caught in a lie.  Now she is blaming the lie on Honest Abe – OUCH, that left a mark in HRC. That is the best takeaway from the debate.  Trump does  not know Russia.

9:41 PM EST – How can Muslims not be tagged as a threat. Muslims need to report hate and crime. If they do not report then you look at Orlando, San Bernadino, Paris and the Dems (Obama and HRC) must say the name to focus on the real issue.

Clinton: Heard this question.  She blames divisive language (as opposed to terrorist attacks). Muslims in America since Washington (true – but they were trying to kill us in bars, malls, etc).  Then she tries to claim Muslims need to be part of out homeland security. Ugh, now she stepped in it – she will defeat ISIS???

9:37 PM EST – Cooper: Your husband said Obamacare was a mess. Was he wrong? No, he clarified his position (which means what?).  Obamacare was for people who were too poor and without employer paid insurance.  So they ruined it for everyone to fix that???

Trump: Bernie Sanders said Clinton had bad judgement. Trump noted this is where he was right. Anderson interrupts again (HRC supporter!).  Trump has a good answer on how to fix.

9:33 PM EST – CNN moderator is trying to control the debate against Trump.

Look, Trump (and his followers) have nothing to loose in this debate, so playing inside the rules is a waste of time.

Obamacare question: Clinton agrees it is not affordable or accessible. Trump is interrupting to knock her off her game.  She lists what Obamacare brought to coverage.  She claims Trump will stop all those benefits.

Trump: Obamacare is a disaster – too expensive.  Not sustainable. So all the benies are no good if we break the bank. Very bad health insurance. Big line item.  Repeal and replace it was something that works.

9:28 PM EST – Finally, the emails are debated. Trump (rightfully) says she should be investigated. She claimed being serious about security. Trump: She doesn’t even know what the “C” stood for (Confidential), so how could she be so good on this?  Trump is on the attack.  Single payer, where government rules everything.

9:18 PM EST – Still the tape? And now Raddettz Raddique extends a question with her own spin. And of course, moderators went one too far.  Bill Clinton was abusive. Hillary attacked them. They should have stopped when they were behind.

9:15 PM EST – First question: are you modeling appropriate behavior for POTUS. Clinton goes first. Not really hearing much except we are going to respect diversity and reach out. Overcome divisiveness (like gutter politics). Sort of the usual wah, wah, wah, wah (think Charlie Brown). Hoping to earn your vote, etc.  So she took the high road (and tried to take Trump’s line being the president of all Americans).

Trump: Started campaign because of all the foolish things he saw – MAGA. Obamacare astronomical premiums increases, Iran deal ($150 B to them to terrorize). He is also very calm and professional. End shootings of police.

If there are no fireworks I do not see how this moves the polls.

So here comes CNN to bring up the trip. Cooper claims he admitted to sexual assault.  Trump attempts to put it in context with the violence of ISIS. Locker room talk vs real world issues. Cooper interrupts Trumps to bring it home again trying to make it stick. And he avoided bringing in Corndog Bill!  Amazing. Trump did say clearly he never did what he bragged about.

Clinton: Questioning his fitness to serve.  Duh – heard this before. She has to be careful, if his words make him unprepared, how was her husband prepared?  Is she serious? He “rates” women (does she get the alliteration with the word “rape”).  What person does not rate  the opposite sex???

Trump responds: Just words. She talks, but does not produce.

8:55 PM EST – Not sure what is going to happen, but it will be different from any other debate in American history. With the Trump tapes leading off (and I hope some real policies and positions coming afterwards) I think the trajectory of this will be set early. Clinton actually has the tougher challenge, she needs to answer the Trump Tape question first.

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