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Jan 08 2009

Democrats And Media On Senator Burris: “Never Mind”

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  Talk about your major screw ups. It is only now just dawning on the Democrats, and their liberal media puppets, that they are not all powerful and beyond the law and can decide the guilt or innocence of someone. We have laws and courts for those matters. We The People are beginning to see […]

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Dec 09 2008

Feds Bag Blagojevich On Corruption Charges

Seems Governor Rod Blagojevich has been spending most of his time in office trying to maximize the gold lining of his pockets. The FBI has arrested him and his Chief of Staff on numerous counts, allegedly supported by wire taps and other crystal clear and damning evidence: Blagojevich is accused of a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy, including […]

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Jul 09 2008

Live Blogging FISA Senate Votes

12:15 PM Eastern:  OK, they are now voting on the first of 3 Amendments to attempt to remove the telecom immunity from the new FISA bill.  My understanding is this requires a simple majority to pass.  Results soon. 12:18 PM Eastern:  Ayes 32, Nays 66! – Dodd’s telecom immunity amendment crashes and burns.  The FISA […]

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Jul 07 2008

Can Barrack Obama Survive His FISA-NSA Flip-Flop?

Barrack Obama is about to test the patience of his liberal base. Of his many flip-flops, none is generating more of a backlash than his surrender on the new FISA-NSA rules, which give Bush and the administration all they wanted, and more. This week the Senate is going to vote on the making the new […]

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Jun 27 2008

Senate Authorizes Continuation Of War On Terror

The Senate Dems just threw through their entire liberal, anti-war base under the bus (again – how many times do these people have to get run over before they get a clue?): The United States Senate has approved on Thursday supplementary financial support of $161.8 billion for procedures in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Senate’s 92-6 vote represented a success for President […]

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Jun 23 2008

Surrendercrats Surrender On FISA Bill

Boy, the spine sure has melted out of those Democrats! Was it really only just last week Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised to fight the telecom amnesty element of the new FISA legislation that gave Bush everything he wanted and more to protect America from terrorist attack? When promoting how the House Dems caved on […]

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