Jun 27 2008

Senate Authorizes Continuation Of War On Terror

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The Senate Dems just threw through their entire liberal, anti-war base under the bus (again – how many times do these people have to get run over before they get a clue?):

The United States Senate has approved on Thursday supplementary financial support of $161.8 billion for procedures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Senate’s 92-6 vote represented a success for President George W. Bush, who has strongly contested any move made by the Congress in order to inflict schedules for ending the Iraq war.

Victory is at hand since we have vanquished our enemies in Iraq and here at home.

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6 Responses to “Senate Authorizes Continuation Of War On Terror”

  1. lawhawk says:

    The Democrats continue to show that their opposition to the war on terror was nothing more than a blatantly political calculation and their walk back shows it. They also realize that if they are seen as thwarting the good news in Iraq by holding back on the latest war appropriations, the electorate will throw them under the bus.

    (speaking of which, you confused through with threw in your first sentence).


  2. AJStrata says:

    Thanks Lawhawk!

  3. BarbaraS says:

    The democrats are gearing up for the elections. They can’t appear to be against safeguarding this country. They hope the public will forget their obstruction of the past two years. They will lie and blame the republicans for all the ills they brought onto this country and after the election is over they will go back to the obstruction mode. It’s all they know to do. They definitely have no solutions themselves.

  4. norm says:

    while you are busy conflating iraq with with the so-called “war on terror” a new pentagon report says that the taliban…you remember the ones actually harboring the actual people who flew actual planes into our buildings…has regrouped and “coalesced into a resilient insurgency.”
    don’t you have some harry potter books to read?

  5. robert verdi says:

    Following 2006 pundits and the media all but ened the Bush Admin and simply played a waiting game to see how long it would take to wrest commander and chief powers from the President. They failed and what President Bush has accomplished in this time is why we have seperation of powers. By the way the media just hate him for bypassing them and not plating along with what they think correct.

  6. Dc says:

    the people who ‘actually’ flew plans into the buildings were in the U.S.—not Afghanistan. But, don’t let that stop you and the rest of the left-tards from tieing the hands of any and all intelligence and security initiatives here at home.