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Jun 07 2016

Is Media Crafting An Excuse For Hillary Losses Today?

Yesterday the political news media pulled the wind out of the last primaries of the season, including in California. By prematurely claiming Clinton had enough delegates, the news media just told Hillary supporters in these last primaries to “stay home”. Why do this? Bernie may not be able to win the nomination outright, but the […]

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Aug 28 2011

Fox News Has Crossed The Line On Questioning The NWS This Morning

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Major Update: WUWT has a hit list of ‘staged’ dram from yesterday by the news media. Truly pathetic. And WUWT also tackles the silliness if blaming the NWS, – end update Fox News has just produced one of the dumbest articles on the size of government I have ever seen. They question whether the nation […]

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Oct 21 2009

Government Taking Over The News Media

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Sadly, the fall of the news media – which broke the liberal hold on communication here in the US and allowed for more main stream news sources like Fox – has also opened up the opportunity for a Goebbels like take over by the government and its allies. The recent calls to ‘save’ journalists from […]

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Sep 14 2009

Old Media Rotting Out On Hubris To Extinction

I have noticed that the old media (every outlet shocked by the combined wisdom that comes crashing out of the electronic media and electronic public square) has been screwing up and self destructing for years. As one of those strange creatures who brought home the Mosaic Browser to play with (first browser, only site on […]

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Nov 18 2008

Wait Until The News Media Begs For A Bailout

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The idea US taxpayers, struggling to stay afloat in a damaged economy, should bail out companies and state governments is a joke. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were disastrous experiments in liberal social policies. As usual those with connections siphoned off 100’s of millions of dollars from mortgage payments for themselves, and then lined the […]

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Sep 30 2008

Joseph Goebbels Rises Up From The Dead And Leads Liberal Media To Their Messiah

The liberal media has been taking a pounding for years now. Some of their crowning acheivements were RaThergate and The Downing Street Memos, where they used cooked up false evidence (in the second case self made) as news to try and promote their political agendas. They also exposed critical national security efforts in a grotesque […]

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Sep 24 2008

Are We Going To Hand Our Nation To Propagandists?

Tony Blankely has a sadly true and powerful denunciation of the media has lapdog and Goebbels-like fictionizers for the Obama campaign. The mainstream media ruthlessly and endlessly repeat any McCain gaffes while ignoring Obama gaffes. You have to go to weird little Web sites to see all the stammering and stuttering that Obama needs before […]

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Sep 04 2008

Backlash At News Media Begins Before Palin Speech

It will not be for another two days before polls start to reflect the Palin effect on the national race, but one thing started to show up in the polls before she even gave her speech. And that is the backlash against the news media’s muckraking (you know, the requests for DNA to prove Trigg […]

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Jul 10 2008

Media Still Producing A Shoddy Product

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Update:  Reader Crosspatch notes Gateway Pundit has discovered these same images have been used since 2006!  Talk about being duped. – end update Want to kill a business? Produce a shoddy product. One would think that news organizations, who supposedly are fact-checking their product, would have a process to detect fake images. After Rathergate and […]

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Jun 24 2008

News Media Suffers From Biased, Faulty Product

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It is simply astounding that after years of biased and error prone reporting the news media is surprised that America is turning away from their shoddy products. The liberal, dinosaur news media is like the US Auto industry in the 1970’s and 1980’s, blissfully ignorant of how their arrogance is destroying an industry others spent […]

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