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Jun 23 2009

Partying With Cold Blooded Killers On The 4th Of July

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How will the United States of America react to the horrible tragedies playing out on the streets of Iran? How will this great country address the cold blooded killing of beautiful young people like Neda Soltan (see read here and here)? Her friends say Panahi, Neda and two others were stuck in traffic on Karegar […]

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Jun 22 2009

Revolutionary Guard Commander Defies Order To Kill

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Finally we may be seeing the signs of the collapse of the ugly, bloody regime of Iran. I have said for days if the military balks at killing its sons and daughters, neighbors, friends, etc, that would signal the end of the Iranian thugocracy. Here are my fingers crossed we may have crossed that line: […]

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Jun 21 2009

One Victim’s Face Could Be The End Of A Brutal Islamo Fascist Regime

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Update: A translation of opposition candidate Mousavi’s latest statement can be found here. – end update I am not surprised that the face of that young lady killed in Tehran is becoming the face of this Iranian revolution, has become the face if Islamo Fascism brutality: A disturbing video showing a young woman purportedly shot […]

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Jun 20 2009

Iranian Regime Killing Its Own Children

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Today Gateway Pundit has extremely good coverage of the ongoing uprising in Iran (here as well). So far we have not seen the kind of tipping point we need to see to determine if this will last or change the future of Iran. We would need to see some regions take self control, we would […]

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