Jun 20 2009

Iranian Regime Killing Its Own Children

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Today Gateway Pundit has extremely good coverage of the ongoing uprising in Iran (here as well). So far we have not seen the kind of tipping point we need to see to determine if this will last or change the future of Iran. We would need to see some regions take self control, we would need to see some military units switch sides.

So far, what we have seen, is what it looks like when bitter old men try to hold their grip on power. Mousavi has apparently said he is ready for martyrdom. If the people concur then Iran will be entering the final, determining stage very soon.

You can tell things are not good when a nation kills its own children in an effort to keep control of the masses.

Update: The New York Times has a good round up as well.

Update: This is an interesting bit of news:

There are rallies every day… organized by word of mouth from one event to the other, and then by phone calls, and strangers just telling you to show up as they pass you by or as you are waiting behind red lights. Yesterday, it was supposed to be from Enghelab to Azadi, but it literally started at Emam Hossein Sq. (Fooziyeh) and spread all the way to Ekabatan. The number of protesters should be estimated in the millions. They were from every layer of society.

Southern Teheranis, Northern rich kids, Chaadoris, Ghertis, Hizbullahi, young, old, kids, etc. A huge sample of the Iranian nation, with all its diversity, was there, determined to make a change. They feel betrayed and insulted.

Everybody went. The Yegaan vijeh (anti-riot police) first tried to intimidate people as they were gathering, but the immensity of the crowd then made them back up and hide in a nearby policestation.

We shall see how long and bright the desire for freedom can burn in the soul of the Iranians.

Update: Another sign of a tipping point is if a number of clerics bolt from the brutal regime. Here is a Q&A with one lead opposition cleric.

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10 Responses to “Iranian Regime Killing Its Own Children”

  1. Paul_In_Houston says:

    The first time a policeman raised his riot stick and stalked towards a protester, expecting him to run as usual, but the protester just stood there and looked back at him, and the policeman backed off and walked away, was the start of a fire that has taken on a life of its’ own.

    The biggest problem with being an oppresser depending on fear, is “GOD HELP YOU” if they ever STOP being afraid of you.

    I’m sure the security forces are trying, but it’s awfully hard to stuff the djinni back into the bottle; ain’t it?

  2. lacegrl130 says:

    When Obama finally speaks – he quotes himself – “As I said in Cairo…” The word freedom does not pass his lips. Can he ever speak without the “I, I, I’s?”

  3. kathie says:

    It would be a miracle if Iran flipped, or tipped.

    Just think of what the world would look like if Iran didn’t support Hamas, Hizbollah, Syria, Lebanon, and other terrorist people though the world. Yes in deed it would be a miracle!

    I wonder if the freedom agenda of our previous President and a free Iraq had anything to do with it?

  4. The problem is that the weakness of Obama is going to probably squander this opportunity.

  5. Dorf77 says:

    …the weakness of Obama … Harold if this is the case then WE must hang it around his neck.

  6. gary1son says:

    It seems to me that this would be an excellent time to use some of that purported world-wide political capital and good will, President Obama. The current leadership was/is never gonna give you an inch no matter what you say or do — in fact up until now they were probably laughing at your naiveté — so why not now come out strongly on the side of the people on the street? That seems like a political and practical winner all around, and even a source of great leverage with whomever ends up in power. You effectively use that lever in this country all the time to marginalize your critics and opponents.

    Strongly urge other world leaders to do likewise, with the same energy you seem to always have for going after CEOs you think make too much.

    I don’t see the current strategy, if one can even be discerned, as being the right one. This rare event in Iran, ironically at least partially enabled by our action in Iraq, cries out for bold advocacy for what the ordinary people in that country want, and it’s really not that important exactly what that specifically is. The main point is that these folks in the streets seem to be crying out for some strong and passionate words of sympathy for their desire for self-determination, and you are uniquely positioned in history and by circumstance to provide them.

    Or, you could just vote present.

  7. […] felt haunted by this face all day since I saw the video (below). I knew I was not alone. I felt this could be the incident that broke the camel’s back and […]

  8. penguin2 says:

    You’re right AJ. haunting-the haunting face of Tyranny.

    I can’t imagine there is any parent that is not grieved by this picture. God help this family and the people. Do the people of our nation really understand how fortunate we are for the Freedom we have?

  9. ivehadit says:

    Let’s not forget that many idealistic liberals that were freedom loving people left the (radical)Left because the radicals barely raised an eye to the 11 million purple fingers in Iraq back in Jan. ”06.

    No different here, imho…this batch of chicago radicals in our W.H.