Jun 21 2009

One Victim’s Face Could Be The End Of A Brutal Islamo Fascist Regime

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Update: A translation of opposition candidate Mousavi’s latest statement can be found here. – end update

I am not surprised that the face of that young lady killed in Tehran is becoming the face of this Iranian revolution, has become the face if Islamo Fascism brutality:

A disturbing video showing a young woman purportedly shot in the streets of Tehran is becoming a rallying symbol for opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

CNN reports that pictures of the woman are appearing on posters in Tehran and she is being hailed as a martyr. The network broadcast an excerpt of the video with the face of the woman blurred out.

Update: More on the picture here. The woman is apparently named (or being called)  Neda:

A 40 second video clip of an Iranian girl, named “Neda,” the Farsi word for voice, allegedly shot dead by a Basij soldier has been circulating the web as of Saturday.

More here as well. – end update

This picture could spell the end of the Iranian regime, as well as the end of Islamo Fascism as represented by Iran, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, etc.

Sometimes humanity gets a spark to act, one incident or image that compels us on a certain path. There are no fathers on this fathers’ day not outraged, not seeing one of their own child’s faces on this poor woman’s face. Mothers and brothers and sisters are feeling the outrage too, the desire to march right down to Tehran now and pull those responsible out in the street for their turn at justice.

When you look at this brave human being, her life blood poring from her beautiful young face, the life in the blood itself still fresh it has yet to turn dark, her face still flushed with the last breath of life – though you can tell her spirit has moved on – you feel the need to do something. This act of cold brutality must be avenged. Humanity cannot go down this path, where the bodies of our young litter the way for old, viscous men to hold onto power.

I felt haunted by this face all day since I saw the video (below). I knew I was not alone. I felt this could be the incident that broke the camel’s back and unleashed the Iranians. The Supreme Leader said their would be violent consequences for protesting. He is about to learn that there are also consequences for killing a young woman – and they will be violent as well.

Update: Keep an eye on the clerics today, they are one major key in all of this.

Update: Some rifts are beginning to appear in the government of Iran:

The public rift among Iranian leaders widened Sunday when the country’s foreign minister disputed allegations of ballot irregularities even as the parliamentary speaker implied that the election authority had sided with one candidate.

“Although the Guardian Council is made up of religious individuals, I wish certain members would not side with a certain presidential candidate,” Iran’s influential parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, told the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting without naming whom he meant.

“A majority of people are of an opinion separate” from that of a minority, Larijani said.

The face of Neda could very well be the tipping point for many clerics, government leaders and military leaders.

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