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Sep 18 2009

Riots Break Out, Proving Pelosi Fears

I have come across some disturbing images of rioting that prove Nancy Pelosi’s flashback fears to the 1970’s are valid: Oops! Seems that was a riot in LA after the 2009 NBA championship. But this image clearly shows that America is on the verge of violence: Err, … sorry. That was University of Maryland fans […]

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May 24 2009

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Ms. Speaker

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Well, we can all now clearly see how the recent – behind close doors – Congressional ‘investigation’ of the CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation went. Democrats are scrambling to end the discussion and move on before any more details come out: Pelosi and leading Republicans have asked for the briefing memos to be declassified, each […]

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May 24 2009

Oh Please, Tell Me The GOP Didn’t!

One cannot help but question the maturity level of the GOP some days, especially days like this. In what has to be one of the most immature moves I have seen, some Spike TV fan club member- ├é┬ádoubling as a political PR expert – has tried to liken Nancy Pelosi to James Bond’s Pussy Galore: […]

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May 19 2009

Pelosi Is Now A Lame Duck

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A Speaker of the House needs the support of the American people, since they are leading the “People’s House” and are 3rd in line to the President. Unlike the rest of the representatives in Congress, the Speaker is in a unique and special position. Pelosi’s war with the CIA has made her (rightfully) damaged goods: […]

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May 16 2009

Pelosi Is A Foolish Fibber

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It is hard to believe such an incompetent person is 3rd in line for the Presidency, but here again we have Nancy (“I’m Am Not A Torture Supporter”) Pelosi making an incredible fool of herself. She went out on a high voltage limb yesterday when she claimed the CIA was lying (misleading)to Congress on water […]

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May 14 2009

Truth Commission’s First Victim: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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Below is the disastrous Pelosi press briefing where her speakership may have possibly come to an ugly end. In this briefing she first tries to claim to shore up her ridiculous claim she was not informed (directly or by staff attending direct briefings) that water boarding and other enhanced interrogation methods had been used on […]

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Sep 30 2008

Pelosi’s “Anything Goes” Partisanship Is The Cancer In DC

Obama lost control of his herd when Nancy Pelosi got up before a critical vote requiring broad bi-partisan support and let lose with typical DC hyper-partisan finger pointing (you can see the video here). Why did she tank a bipartisan bailout with partisan sniping? Is she really that dumb – or is she that calculating […]

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