Sep 30 2008

Pelosi’s “Anything Goes” Partisanship Is The Cancer In DC

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Obama lost control of his herd when Nancy Pelosi got up before a critical vote requiring broad bi-partisan support and let lose with typical DC hyper-partisan finger pointing (you can see the video here). Why did she tank a bipartisan bailout with partisan sniping? Is she really that dumb – or is she that calculating she figured another week of bad economic news and Obama would be a shoe in for the Oval Office?

As I noted in the post below the rejection of the Bill was highly bipartisan – 133 Reps and 95 Dems. Some basic 6th grade math shows us Dems made up 41% of the opposition! “Anything Goes” is the projection coming from liberals as they do anything to get Obama elected. Which seems to now include setting the stage for a massive stock loss equaling $1.1 Trillion dollars, more than the bailiout itself. “Anything Goes” was the mantra when the liberals tried to surrender Iraq to al-Qaeda by pulling the funding.

“Anything Goes” … We’ll remember that Nancy. No wonder Congress is only supported by less than 20% of the public (and a bizarre group of people that must be!).

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8 Responses to “Pelosi’s “Anything Goes” Partisanship Is The Cancer In DC”

  1. tarpon says:

    First, the people don’t want the turd sandwich, made passage a gamble for the members. Then the partisan setup became obvious to one and all, thanks to dumb Nancy.

    What followed next, the parade goers had to lower the “Wellstone” basket, Obama had to get out and walk home. Then they voted the turd sandwiche down.

    I thought the sequencing was all out of whack, but that seems to be how the current crop of Democrat leaders work these days. They take the celebration photos then try and get the votes — Really weird these Democrats are.

    Why not use the free market solutions, there are enough votes for that, according to House sources.

  2. Neo says:

    This morning we hear that Obama wants to raise the FDIC level from $100,000 to $250,000 to “restore confidence”. One easy question ..

    exactly how many of those “middle class Americans” that have been living from paycheck to paycheck have $100,000 in their bank accounts, let along $250,000 ?

    I know I don’t. All it does is create a safe alternate to the mattress for those who bail out of the market. Some confidence building measure.

  3. Rick C says:

    I want to point out that Neo completely misses the problem with the FDIC level. The problem is that we are having an invisible run on the banks. For example, WaMu lost over $16 billion in deposits in the ten days before going under. The deposits they lost were the electronic transfer of large deposits fleeing to the safety f Treasuries.

    No bank can stand that kind of outflow. The FDIC insurance needs to be raised into the millions if we want to keep our banks afloat. Otherwise, you will continue to see bank failures.


  4. KauaiBoy says:

    AJ—I think the MSM poll gremlins got into your post—-20% is the IQ of those who support Congress—the real approval rating is in the single digits—-just a notch above the levels that justify torches and pitchforks and a march on the capital by the village idiots.

  5. djs says:

    The cancer is, as you’ve pointed out numerous times before, an irresponsible insistence on ideological purity.

  6. dave m says:

    I’ve been listening to BBC Radio today. Apparently
    “world leaders” are telling us we have to save the world economy.
    Third world countries are accusing us of being unfair because if
    we go down, who will give them money?
    I’m fed up.
    Let the suckers crash.
    As far as the rest of the world, where the heck were you in the
    last eight years? A few of you, thanks. The rest of you, thanks for
    nothin’ bub. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t cheer our demise
    when we’re up and ask us to save you when we’re down.
    I think the Pelosi manoeuvre was intended.
    I’ve changed my mind.
    Bush isn’t going to deal with Iran and that is something that actually
    need to be done, he is going to leave it for the next President.
    So should he do with this bill. We’re five weeks before an election.
    There is no bi-partisan effort anywhere. Admit defeat Sir.
    Let the next President chart his economic course.
    Stop being a mug.

  7. GoToGuy says:

    It’s just sad that the health of our economy is entirely dependent on the political animals in Washington.

  8. Stix says:

    This is a plan that I got from my brother. Have the FDIC unlimit the amount of money it insures. $250,000 is a good start,but many older people will have well over that if they saved their money wisely. We do not want a run on banks, it is already starting and people are taking their money out of banks to the FDIC level. And then not bail out the banks at all, but work with those that are in trouble with their mortgages. It will not be an overnight fix, but nothing will. They need to work this out with the people that have the loans, not the banks, let the free market deal with the banks. But deal with the average person that got in over their head with the Housing Bubble, and prosecute those that used this to fill their coffers (Obama’s advisors Raines and Gorelick and others like that that used Enron style cooklng of books)

    And For God’s sake, prosecute ACORN and the other Community Organizing organizations that forced banks to go against market based loaning pinciples. ACORN and others of thier ilk shook down banks to make them give loans to people that were not qualified using normal banking rules for loaning money. Yes it is great that more poor people own thier homes, but it is not good when gas prices and everything else goes up becuase of the ridiculous Environmentalists demanding no drilling. So what happens, prices go up for everything because of the Law of Supply and Demand. So the poor people pay for gas and food (because of ethonal) instead of their mortgages. This was a time bomb waiting to happen. And people saw this 10 yeas ago, but both the Republican and Democrats did nothing about it. “Let the Good Times Roll” At least a few Republicans tried, but were always blocked by the Dems.