May 24 2009

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Ms. Speaker

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Well, we can all now clearly see how the recent – behind close doors – Congressional ‘investigation’ of the CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation went. Democrats are scrambling to end the discussion and move on before any more details come out:

Pelosi and leading Republicans have asked for the briefing memos to be declassified, each side seeming to think their release will vindicate its cause. And on Thursday, House Democrats blocked a Republican effort to form a special committee to investigate Pelosi’s allegation that CIA officials misled her.

But the speaker made clear yesterday that she does not intend to continue discussing the matter publicly. After a news conference devoted to the accomplishments of the Democratic Congress, she dismissed reporters’ questions about the controversy.

“I have made the statement I am going to make on this. I don’t have anything more to say about it,” she said before departing for a week-long trip to China.

If the CIA had misled Congress for President Bush to push the country into war we all know damn well this would be the largest show trial in Congressional history, swamping the Reagan Iran-Contra and Justice Clarence Thomas show trials. If Pelosi could prove her claims she would be doing nothing but dragging people up in front of the TV cameras in Congress.

But she and her Democrats are beating a hasty retreat with all speed. Which is all you need to know, all the liberal CYA reporting aside.

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  1. kathie says:

    Though many of Obama’s policies are very much like the Bush policies on protecting this country from terrorists, with some tweaking around the edges, his higher then high moral ground is really disgusting and destructive.

    Why did the Obama administration and Nancy make us less safe as Cheney said the other day, in the war on terror? Was it because they got caught in a lie when they accused the Bush administration of committing war crimes? No, but they did! It was because the Obama administration and Nancy accused the CIA of committing war crimes in order to disgrace the Bush administration. We all agree that Obama thinks that the power of his speech is grand enough to change the behavior of the world. But in reality, what Bush knew, and Obama and company needs to learn is that it is the work of the CIA that will make a difference, in conjunction with the FBI and the police that will keep us safe, not a flowery speech by Obama.

    The Obama administration, in putting the Bush administration in the shit hole also put all those who he directed in that same hole.
    So Obama can moralize all he wants, but in the end it is the work of all those men and woman he accused of war crimes that he is going to need to keep this country safe. And that is what Cheney was saying.

    Obama says he thinks every night about the safety of the American people, as if his power of thought was sufficient. Oh Lordy, it reminds me of my teen age children!

  2. Frogg says:

    Definitive Account Of Briefings Still Elusive
    Lawmakers Divided After Reviewing CIA’s Notes on Pelosi Session

    It seems that members of Congress that have reviewed the memos think they can spin the results in their own way (some think it conflicts with Pelosi; some say it supports her). However, the fact that Dems stopped a full review to determine whether Pelois was mislead or not, speaks the loudest to me.

  3. kathie says:

    AJ, Susan Boyle sings tonight!

  4. owl says:

    She can’t be certain of what could still come out of that closet.

    Hellooooo……………….any Pug Congressmen out there not content in your role as minority? Do a Cheney. You sit up there and let The Voice yak about having the ‘most transparent administration ever’. Fight, darn you. The Voice spent $358 thousand taxpayer dollars for a supposed PHOTO and you do not even bother to put your face in front of a camera and demand to know who was on that plane? Why do you think it was about a photo? If you were watching this man, he was terrified. I been watching him from 2004 and this is the ONLY time I call it scared. He gets angry. He has a very thin skin. I kept watching for someone to comment on how the hecklers at Notre Dame made him so angry, he was almost gritting his teeth. He is so thin skinned that he acts it out as in shooting the bird. He feels compelled to call out everyone from Rush to Palin to FOX to Hannity to Plumbers. Very Presidential, is our President. Seldom do you see him scared.

    The only thing the Republican Party needs is to shake up those Overseerers. They lost it and they have to fix it. GOP needs better ad people and better representatives on TV to help them. We need the same thing today as we needed the last 8 years. Overseerers making themselves as visible as the Dems. They seem to relish being Invisible. Anyone else up there besides Hoekstra and Bond? No, I do not count Graham and McCain. They never help our cause. I want someone that does not feel the need to apologize. I want a Sarah, a Plumber or a Cheney.

  5. dhunter says:

    What the Owl said x 2!

    Gentlemen find your balls or begone!