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Sep 30 2008

Gotcha Katie!

McCain-Palin took on Katie Couric and put in her place. What is interesting is McCain was demonstrating to Palin how hard you can push back, which is probably the only bit of advice she really needed. I think the liberal media has set expectations so low Palin will shine through. Remember, she represents a lot […]

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Sep 10 2008

23,000 Strong in Fairfax, VA!

Caveat: I’m a techie type not a writer, so bear with me. DJStrata and I have just returned from an event I’ll never forget.  Just to set the record straight, there was no rock band. There was a country guitarist without his normal bandmates, who asked us to clap since he didn’t have his drummer with […]

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Jul 21 2008

Liberal Media Trying To Manipulate National Elections

Drudge Report is claiming the NY Times is working as a surrogate for the Obama Campaign by censoring a rebuttal opinion piece by Sen John McCain, one week after they allowed Sen Barrack Obama to grace their tired pages: An editorial written by Republican presidential hopeful McCain has been rejected by the NEW YORK TIMES […]

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