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Aug 17 2009

USA Still A Center Right Nation – But Can GOP Capitalize?

It is no surprise to most people that America on average leans far more to the conservative side of things than the liberal side. In fact, Gallup has come out with a large study showing that self described ‘conservatives’ outnumber ‘liberals’ in all 50 states. It is so one sided that there is only one […]

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Jun 08 2009

Rats Jumping From A Sinking Ship?

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This is very strange news indeed from the deep blue (democrat) state of New York: Republicans appear to have retaken control of New York’s Senate after two dissident Democrats jumped the aisle. The flip of senators Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens gives Republicans a 32-30 edge in the chamber. […]

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May 31 2009

GOP Self Destructing Over Sotomayor

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It is as I feared, the ‘true conservatives’ have no self control, no class and no business trying to lead a reborn conservative movement to oppose Obama. It is beyond their meager skills. Their over the top, childish rhetoric is the problem – they cannot form a serious thought or debate point. It is become […]

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May 19 2009

No Name McCain And The Shrinking GOP

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The news today on the GOP is not good, nor is it surprising. The GOP is being rejected because it has gone into the tank of self announced moral superiority. I will get back to this at the end of this post. Before that, it is time to get on my soap box again because […]

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May 12 2009

Crist For Senate – Test Of The New GOP

We finally have a test case for the resurrection of a center right GOP in the Florida senate race for 2010: The expected announcement Tuesday by Florida Gov. Charlie Crist that he’s running for the Senate would seem to be a rare bit of good news for beleaguered Republicans.  But while Crist is a brand-name recruit with sky-high approval […]

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May 03 2009

Silly GOP Outreach Is Laughable And Preachy

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Update: John Cole notes how the purity wars keep distilling the conservative movement into oblivion by how the definition of ‘moderate’ keeps changing in defining ‘true conservatives’. Once Collins and Snowe are drummed out of the party, the definition of what is “moderate” will change yet again. The music will stop, and Lindsey Graham, with […]

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Apr 11 2009

Far Right Jumps The Shark – Updated

Update: If the Tea Party movement is being lost to the far right we will have lost a real opportunity to challenge the liberals. Key statment: If this is any indication of who’s trying to run the show, count me out. It’s hard enough being a conservative without this kind of baggage. Make sure to follow […]

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Apr 01 2009

GOP Still Wandering In The Wilderness

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The one national GOP personality to rally record crowds (and who drew the largest TV audience for any national debate for all time) is being marginalized by those who have failed to succeed nationally: Congressional Republicans decided Tuesday to ditch the former GOP vice presidential nominee in favor of the former House speaker for the […]

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Mar 02 2009

GOP Still Imploding As Limbaugh Attacks Lesser Conservatives

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You don’t have to be foaming at the mouth mad to be a solid conservative willing to fight. I fight the knuckleheads left and right every day. I am sick with overly simplistic rhetoric supported by fear mongering and demagoguery. For some reason conservatives have decided vapid emotion is better than rallying strategy. Up until recently […]

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Feb 26 2009

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

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Want to know why DC is out of touch? They are absolutely clueless about how to connect, rally and communicate to America. Check out this disturbing new ‘strategy’ from the GOP DC elites: I just got off the phone with a very plugged-in Republican strategist who told me that Republican reaction to President Obama’s speech, […]

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