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Sep 19 2010

The Silent Tsunami

What do the VA & NJ Governor races in 2009, the MA Senate special election in January 2010, the Alaska GOP senate primary race, the NY GOP governor primary and the DE GOP senate primary race all seem to have in common? Answer: The trends of these races only became evident to the public very […]

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Sep 07 2010

Numerous Polls Predict Huge GOP Gains This November

The first polls of the election season are coming in and the numbers are so bad it might be a good idea to put the left on suicide watch. No one living has ever seen the types of numbers we are seeing in the polls for the midterms (though no one should be surprised by […]

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Aug 31 2010

Gallup’s Generic Stunner – A November For The History Books

Never has Gallup’s congressional generic poll shown such a large lead for the GOP: Republicans lead by 51% to 41% among registered voters in Gallup weekly tracking of 2010 congressional voting preferences. The 10-percentage-point lead is the GOP’s largest so far this year and is its largest in Gallup’s history of tracking the midterm generic […]

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Jul 15 2010

Politico Makes The Case For Dismantling The Federal Beast

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Busy bodies live to run other people’s lives. They live to pretend their nitpicking nags about how we do things makes them somehow related to those things we accomplish. The talking head journalist is the epitome of ‘the watcher’ versus ‘the doer’.  These people regurgitate to others the successes or achievements of others, most times […]

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Apr 09 2010

Dem’s Poll Crash Continues

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We are witnessing history in the making folks. We are watching how a major political party becomes extinct by totally disconnecting from We The People and deciding the party will control the nation regardless of what the voters want. As noted in my previous posts, the country wants to throw Congress out – and I […]

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Nov 18 2009

Far Right Is Also A Prime Culprit In The Current Liberal Federal Government

Can we survive the liberal policies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid? We might just find out the hard way: Poll: 51% of Republicans would rather risk losing elections than win with RINOs Actually, the path forward is for the far right purists to be replaced in the GOP coalition by the centrists flooding away from […]

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Nov 11 2009

Voters Rejecting Those Crazy Democrats

Updates Below! Obama was supposed to be a post partisan leader who could bring the people together. Instead he has been an inexperienced shill for those whacky liberals in DC. And Americans are taking notice. The backlash against the liberal policies being pushed by Obama and Democrats is growing wider and deeper. But first, a […]

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Nov 04 2009

GOP Way Forward

NY-23 illustrated an interesting decision path for the GOP. There are two paths available, and the decision on which path to take is up to the far right ‘true’ conservatives who spout such bonding terms as RINO. If the far right can respectfully align with the centrists, the first path forward was illustrated in VA […]

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Sep 25 2009

Follow The Money To 2010

There are indicators all over the place flashing red on the Democrats as they rush headlong into political implosion. By being hell bent on pushing through partisan, hyper-liberal policies that the broad center of America opposes, they will make themselves the nation’s lightening rod for all their frustration and anger built up over decades in […]

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Sep 10 2009

Who Won The Debate On Obamacare Last Night?

As we wake up this morning after President Obama’s last ditch effort to salvage his health care overhaul initiative, we have three entities arising as figureheads of the debate. The first is, of course, President Obama and his liberal DC congressional leaders. The second is the GOP and their very concise and respectable response (one […]

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