Feb 26 2009

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

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Want to know why DC is out of touch? They are absolutely clueless about how to connect, rally and communicate to America. Check out this disturbing new ‘strategy’ from the GOP DC elites:

I just got off the phone with a very plugged-in Republican strategist who told me that Republican reaction to President Obama’s speech, which the party will roll out in the next few days, will mark the beginning of a new GOP approach to opposing the president’s initiatives.  (No, Bobby Jindal’s ineffective response was not part of that new approach — everyone seems a little embarrassed about that.)  The Republican leadership in the House has concluded that in the stimulus debate, the GOP succeeded in dominating a number of news cycles but failed to score any points on actual policy.  That, the leaders believe, has got to change.

“You’re seeing a major doctrinal shift in how Republicans are going to focus all these debates,” the strategist told me.  “The key is to focus on winning the issue as opposed to winning the political moment.  If you win the issue, people will think you are ready to govern.”

And how bloody long did it take these Einsteins to figure this one out? Are you telling me ‘the plan’ has been all these years to win news cycles, ignoring the need to build a coherent policy position which America could swing behind and support? Are they telling me they just realized media moments are not enough to win praise from hard working Americans? Wow, what a an incredible revelation!

Oh lord, I cannot tell you how many people in DC and the Federal Government think like this. To them process and steps using simple tasks can tackle any challenge. Sadly it is a sign of incompetence, a combination of lack of expertise and imagination. They cover their inability to do something with they busy work of a checklist.

Instead of facing the challenge (defining common ground which will unite Americans who lean conservative from the Blue Dog Dems to the almost pure right) these people have been focused on getting a few more seconds of air time, a few more words in print.

Ugh – and they wonder why they are wandering in exile! H/T Gateway Pundit

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  1. CatoRenasci says:

    The GOP is pretty much hopeless. (And I say this as one who has been (though often with misgivings) active in campaigns since Ike’s ’56 reelection campaign. Jindal is a good man, but he doesn’t work nationally at all, Romney is unelectable as a Mormon (shouldn’t be, but it’s the way it is), Palin — well, who knows –, Huckabee – a theocratic buffoon, the rest are all just clueless, they just don’t tap into what’s going on socially, culturally or economically in this country. It’s like every GOP politician in the country beyond a few house and senate types (who aren’t ready for prime time yet) want to be a combination of Bob Dole, Jerry Ford, and Tom Dewey.

  2. momdear1 says:

    The Republicans committed political suicide when they came up with the holier than the Dems rules in which they forced any Rep who had charges filed against him to step down until his name was cleared. Ie: Reps were considered guilty until proven innocent. The Dems immediately filed phoney charges against the Rep’s greatest leader, Newt Gringrich, And the dumb assed Reps made him give up the speakership. Then the Dems took out Trent Lot , and all the others who were capable of leadership. One by one they picked them off. It’s no wonder good senators like Dick Armey and John Kasich decided to get out of the mess before they were bankrupcted and their reputations smeared forever. That left a former wrestling coach, Denny Hassert to be their leader and the reason the Dems didnt’ take him out was because he was ineffective. Meanwhile, the Dems proudly stood behind the likes of TeddyKennedy, (Negligent homicide at the least) Barney Frank (His live in boyfriend was caught runjning a call boy oepration out of Frank’s home), That Jefferson person fro LA who had $90,000 in his freezer, and Dick Durbin was caught with tapes of Rep’s phone calls and then claimed some doddering Fla. couple recorded it off their car radio. Has anyone ever recorded Anything with one of those little recorders that could be heard clearly. The Dems tapped Gringrich’s phone and got away with it because there was nobody to investigate. Yet Durbin is still sitting in Congress. As is Charlie, Tax cheat, Rangle , etc. etc. etc.I knew the Reps were in trouble when I heard Bob Dole get on TV and say, after his first meeting with Bill Clinton, “I’ve got to go and get busy helping him get his agenda thru the Senate.” Now the fools are throwing Sarah Palin, the only refreshing voice in the entire party, under the bus. God help us all.

  3. Frogg says:

    Bloggers and unions form group to push Democrats to the left.

    They are going after centrist Dems. Sounds like the Blue Dog Dems might be in trouble. They want to replace them with looney libs.

    This may help Repubs win back some of those seats they lost in 2006/2008.

  4. JDavis says:

    Momdear1, Could you mean Congressman James McDermott. who released the tapes instead of Durbin?