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Apr 21 2009

Dem Lawmakers Line Their Pockets With Taxpayer Bailout

Well, I knew it would break sooner or later because the incestuous coziness of politicians to industry, and today is the day for the second domino to fall (the first domino was Senator Chris Dodd (D)): Feinstein sought $25 billion for agency that awarded contract to spouse On the day the new Congress convened this […]

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Feb 13 2009

Democrat Senator Discloses Location Of Secret US Forces

Damn these Klieg-Light attracted politicians who run their damn mouths. A democrat Senator has just exposed some of our forces to direct attack by indicating – IN PUBLIC – where they are launching the fight against al Qaeda: A senior U.S. lawmaker said Thursday that unmanned CIAPredator aircraft operating in Pakistan are flown from an airbase […]

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Jan 07 2009

Dems Must Seat Senator Burris – Harry Reid Is Trashing Our Constitution

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Major Update: It seems Senate Majority Ego Reid is surrendering his unconstitutional blockade of Senator Burris. What a putz! Major Update: Even the Illinois Secretary of State agrees his signature is not legally binding against seating Senator Burris, and Harry Reid has no legal standing to bar Senator Burris. What The SoS should do, then, is […]

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