Jan 07 2009

Dems Must Seat Senator Burris – Harry Reid Is Trashing Our Constitution

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Major Update: It seems Senate Majority Ego Reid is surrendering his unconstitutional blockade of Senator Burris. What a putz!

Major Update: Even the Illinois Secretary of State agrees his signature is not legally binding against seating Senator Burris, and Harry Reid has no legal standing to bar Senator Burris. What The SoS should do, then, is sign the paper and let’s begin to investigate Reid for playing Emperor. – end update

Americans are starting to seriously sour on the current crop of Democrat leaders (or should that be the current ‘crap’ of leaders?). Senate Majority Ego, Harry Reid, seems to have decided he is above the law and has designated himself judge and jury regarding Governor Blagojevich. Because only if Blagoyevich was found guilty and/or impeached would he have lost his powers as the top Executive of the State of Illinois. And since that has not happened, then Reid has unilaterally taken the law into his own hands by barring a legally designated Senator from participating in OUR government.

Harry Reid has attained the Inside-The-Beltway God Complex that inflicts many who serve in Congress – and boy does he have it bad. He thinks some yahoo Senator from Nevada can tell the State of Illinois who their Senator can be. His ego is knows no bounds.

What Americans are sick of is people who abuse the power of the offices they have been entrusted with. And I can say a few political leaders are getting sick of it as well. I think former MD Lt Governor Michael Steele has said it best:

There is “no legal reason not to seat” Illinois’ Roland Burris to the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama, Maryland’s former lieutenant governor, Michael Steele, told CNSNews.com on Monday. 

On talk radio yesterday Steele explained the situation correctly. Governor Blagojevich has the authority to designate Burris as the interim Senator to replace Obama. And since there is no law requiring the Secretary of State to confirm the Governor’s choice, the lack of a signature by the Secretary of State does not have any legal bearing. Therefore Harry Reid just made up some faux law to suite is power mad ego.

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein is not happy either:

On Burris, Reid said Feinstein was simply wrong. 

Talking to reporters earlier on Tuesday, Feinstein had said that failing to seat Burris would call into question the validity of “gubernatorial appointments all over the country.” 

“That’s not valid, her statement,” a smiling Reid told Politico. “I told her that. OK?” 

I am sick of people in power trying to live beyond their responsibility. Personally I think impeachment of Reid is called for since he clearly has highjacked our nation’s Constitution to suite his political whims. Since Reid has broken his pledge to uphold our laws, he is the one who should be ejected from his top Congressional position.

It is time for Americans to demand Reid step down from Majority Leader – and probably from his Senate seat. We don’t need demi-gods in the Senate. We need representatives of We The People who not only make the laws, but follow them.

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  1. Terrye says:

    And approval ratiings are not really the measure of a leader. If they were Bill Clinton’s numbers would not be that high and his wife would be the nominee. And say what you will about Bush Sr, he is a respected man today. I am not so sure you could say the same thing about Carter.

    But if you do want to believe so strongly in approval ratings, just remember that the 110th was the most unpopular Congress in the history of ratings for Congress. Maybe the Democratic president will be luckier than the Democratic Congress.

  2. GuyFawkes says:


    “The truth is this is a global down turn, I don’t think that either the president or the Congress are totally responsible for this, not alone any way. It is not that simple.”

    Actually, we agree on that. I read a lot of economic blogs, and the people I respect the most by and large keep saying “We’re not entirely sure of the exact reason this happened, and to blame just one thing is dumb.” So, blaming just Bush is wrong, blaming just minority home-owners is wrong, blaming just the GOP congress up to 2006 is wrong. I wouldn’t feel too bad about blaming the greed of Wall Street for most of the problems – but that’s a pretty easy target.

    “And approval ratiings are not really the measure of a leader.”

    Again – we agree. My original comment was in response to someone referencing the approval rating of Congress. And my point there is – you have to take the good with the bad. If bad approvals prove that the other side is wrong, then they necessarily should prove that your side is wrong too.

    And honestly – discussing approval ratings right now is just a silly distraction during a somewhat slow news cycle. What we really need to know is approval ratings sometime around July 20, 2009, 6 months after Obama takes office.

  3. Terrye says:


    Agreed. I think if I had to pick one thing to blame, it would be the price of oil. Energy costs tipped the scales.

    Speaking of approval ratings, I wonder what Lincoln’s would have been? Often times it is events that make the difference. Obama might not have a Katrina or 9/11 to deal with.

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