Jun 21 2008

When The Mob Steals Young Minds

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This is really an important video providing a comparison between the emotional and vacuous, messianic movement behind Barack Obama and similar mob-think which created US terrorists in the 1960’s and 1970’s (H/T Reader VinceP1974):

In times of high stress, like times of war and economic challenges, there are those who become a bit rattled and panicky, and there are those ready to exploit their fears. The angry mob destroys the individual and independent thinking. And for some, it becomes a permanent injury. Obama has brought this on himself by remaining a cypher, an enigma. Without clarity of his own views and plans, he is open to being tarred with the violent and angry views of those he associates with and those who support him. Just ask all those intimidated and insulted Hillary Clinton supporters how Obama’s movement is more the angry mob than a march to a bright new Nirvana-like future.

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