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Oct 14 2010

Obama Is Outsourcing Our Space Program And Aerospace Jobs To Russia

Incompetence and Incoherence. That is going to be the epitaph of this liberal congress and administration. In a bleak economy that is starving for jobs that not only pay really well, but also provide an edge to America across global economies, this administration and congress are shutting down America’s manned space program and out-sourcing the […]

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Feb 01 2010

Our Dream Is Dead

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I have no idea who is talking inside the current administration regarding technical matters, but whoever they are they are pretty damn dumb. The global warming charade is probably the best known march of the ignorant, but it is not the only example of people trying to make decisions about things they have no business […]

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Jan 27 2010

Obama – The Job Killer

One of the things the federal government does well is pushing the envelope and scientific exploration. Yes, the rubes surrounding global warming are a pathetic lot, but they are the exception to the rule. The internet by which I am allowed to post my gems of wisdom (or incoherent ramblings – pick your poison) is […]

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Oct 27 2009

Ares I-X Launch Scrubbed

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For all the space cadets monitoring the first Constellation launch of the Ares I-X it has been scrubbed for the day due to weather. Ares I-X is the initial test launch of the new launch vehicle for the Orion 6 person capsule which is slated to replace our aging Shuttle fleet (sometime in 2015). Ares […]

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Jan 02 2009

Obama Makes An Interesting Move On America Returning To The Moon

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George W Bush set the nation on a path to resume humanity’s exploration of space. I will admit up front that to participate in such an endeavor has been a life long dream of mine, and in the past few years I have been honored to be part of the effort to revive the exploration […]

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Nov 18 2008

Must See TV: 5 Years On Mars

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Last night I watched 5 Year On Mars, the National Geographic documentary of the two martian rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) built by NASA JPL, which have well exceeded their design parameters of 90 days of operation. After nearly 5 years of major successes and numerous near death experiences, these robots (guided by human operators by […]

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