Oct 27 2009

Ares I-X Launch Scrubbed

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For all the space cadets monitoring the first Constellation launch of the Ares I-X it has been scrubbed for the day due to weather.

Ares I-X is the initial test launch of the new launch vehicle for the Orion 6 person capsule which is slated to replace our aging Shuttle fleet (sometime in 2015). Ares I-X is simply to demonstrate and measure the performance of a shortened version of the full up Ares I. It was designed using the solid rocket booster (SRB) design from the space shuttle (the two rockets strapped to the shuttle external tank).

There has been much debate on whether Ares I will meet the long term needs of human exploration of the Moon (if that plan even survives the next few years).  The first test flight should be able to determine the viability of the Ares I design for human exploration.

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