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Mar 25 2015

Just In: Global Warming To Destroy All Life In Universe

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As if man-made CO2 causing run-away global warming – in turn threatening life on Earth as we know it (maybe at some point in the future, since we are currently in a two decade hiatus from any “global” warming) – was not enough, new scientific models have confirmed heat expansion from global warming is affecting […]

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Jun 12 2014

(100,000’s of Jobs + Billions of Taxpayer $’s) x 85 years = 0.018° C

This post is about jaw dropping arrogance from the Obama Administration, and what I fear is rampant ignorance and/or apathy now infecting American society. The arrogance is captured in the equation above, and comes from two recent posts on the EPA edicts on fighting global warming (i.e., controlling CO2 production). First, this fact about these […]

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Mar 04 2012

Why Global Warming Alarmists Must Cheat, Steal & Lie

The recent incident where a top global warming alarmists admitted to identity theft and wire fraud (and soon will most likely be found guilty of creating a fraudulent documents) is the latest in a chain of false information and outright lies promulgated by the debunked Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (C-AGW) community (e.g., the United Nations […]

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Jan 02 2010

Man-Made Global Warming Was Biggest Con Of The Last Century

One thing 2009 will be remembered for is it will be the year the man-made global warming con finally fell apart. It will be partially due to the shoddy ‘science’ used (and abused) to promote the con. It will be partially due to the realization that the con was being run by people with financial […]

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Oct 05 2009

Global Warming: The Forest For The Tree Rings

Updates Below There has been a shocking discovery in the last week as it pertains to global warming: there may be nothing unusual about the recent warming of the Planet Earth. This realization has come about because it was discovered that suspect tree ring data used to relate today’s climate to historic trends has been […]

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Sep 14 2009

Who’s Got The Biggest Carbon Footprint? Not America!

One of the most intriguing things about scientific ‘band wagons’, where fads pop up and money flows, is the feedback that occurs challenging the band wagon itself once the new army of studies kick off and start producing results. One such endeavor that came out of the Global Warming mythology was a space mission to […]

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Jul 05 2009

A Century Of Global Warming Disappears in 2009

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Everyone knows this year has been pleasantly cool, if not down right cold on some days. As Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission levels continue to rise, the Earth’s global temperature has been dropping since its high 10 years ago, when we experienced a strong El Nino (which has nothing to do with atmospheric CO2 since that […]

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Apr 10 2009

NASA Admits Artic Global Warming Not CO2 Driven

When the Chicken Little Priests of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC scream the sky is falling without CO2 Cap & Trade energy taxes, it is helpful to note that NASA’s data doesn’t support their claims. Especially now. First off, realize CO2 is only a tiny fraction of the so called IR Radiative Green House Gas […]

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Apr 07 2009

The End Of The Global Warming Myth

The high Priests of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC have been predicting pending global doom for coming on 20 years now. There so called scientific models predicted if nothing was done about CO2 levels over that period the Earth would warm up by 0.6° C since 1988-90 (within the range of 0.4°-1.0° C). It never happened. […]

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Feb 26 2009

CO2 As A Pollutant Myth BUSTED!

Some facts for people to digest on the Global Warming front. As we are well aware, the Green Nutters in the Obama administration want to designate CO2 a pollutant so they can control it and tax the world into oblivion based on unproven theories about global warming (especially given the last decades cooling trend, which […]

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