Mar 25 2015

Just In: Global Warming To Destroy All Life In Universe

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As if man-made CO2 causing run-away global warming – in turn threatening life on Earth as we know it (maybe at some point in the future, since we are currently in a two decade hiatus from any “global” warming) – was not enough, new scientific models have confirmed heat expansion from global warming is affecting the entire Universe, and all life therein:

Physicists predict the universe is primed for a “cosmological collapse” that will cause the universe to stop expanding at its current rate and ultimately collapse in on itself to wipe away all known matter.

Their paper published in Physical Review Letters focuses on the “dark energy” causing the constant expansion of the universe that is predicted to ultimately continue on a path toward collapse.

“Dark Energy” is code for “we have no idea what is going on, but we are sure the end of the world is near and it is the fault of humans’.


And people wonder why many engineers, mathematicians and applied science types tend to snicker at scientific models based on a pyramid of untested assumptions and theories.

Exit question: If we are all doomed anyway, why not party and blow out all the CO2 we want – given what’s coming right after those first doomsday predictions from IPCC?

Update: Ed Morrissey notes the environmental drama queens have seemingly lost the interest of the American Public when it comes to the big environmental concerns:

Americans remain reasonably concerned over drinking water and its main sources, although not overly so. Most conservatives want government at some level to ensure clean drinking water, even if they want to debate which level and which policies should be used for that purpose. The rest of these concerns drop into minority positions dramatically, and at levels that have dropped rather than increased even after last year’s political campaign.

Could it be a simple case of crying “Wolf!!” too many times? The result is apathy, which is bad for real environmental issues. Seems Global Warming has sucked all the oxygen out of the green movement.

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  1. Juker says:

    I read the news article, not the paper. (I will if I find it.)

    I’m sympathetic but there isn’t a word in it about global warming.

    Regarding dark matter and dark energy (actual physics), we make progress but there are still multiple theories. No dark matter partical has yet to be found. Even if right, these authors are talking a billion or years away.

    I really want to have this knowledge but regarding any influence on us, yawn.