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Feb 03 2010

UK Guardian: Heads Should Roll Over Climategate … Maybe

If people still think the science of man-made global warming is settled (er, hint, hint, Mr President) then they must be ignoring the destruction of the IPCC scientific foundation going on with incredible vigor and scope. Leading the charge to find the truth and expose the serial exaggerators behind the ‘end of the Earth is […]

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Jan 31 2010

IPCC Junk Science Exposed – Why Would Anyone Still Believe?

Updates Below! So you were duped. So you thought you were working on a crusade to save the world and it turns out you were just following a bunch of buffoons with fancy titles using impressive sounding mathematical and scientific terms (many of which the fancy titled buffoons did not really understand themselves). So what […]

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Jan 31 2010

Climategate & AGW To Be Investigated By UK Parliament

This is interesting - the UK’s House of Commons is going to investigate Climategate and apparently AGW: The Science and Technology Committee today announces an inquiry into the unauthorised publication of data, emails and documents relating to the work of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA). The Committee has agreed […]

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Jan 29 2010

The End Of The Global Warming Madness

I want to lead this post off with a reminder of two key events on the global warming front that occurred in the last 6 months. First were results from a Japanese space mission to measure Green House Gasses (GHGs), which showed America has an extremely low ‘carbon footprint’ compared to the rest of the […]

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Jan 20 2010

Proof Why Global Warming Alarmists Are Mathematically Wrong

As I have learned more and more about the ‘science’ and ‘math’ that is the foundation of the man-made global warming (AGW) theory, the more I realize how amateurish that science and math really is. For those of us who deal day in and day out in complex physical systems, driven by multiple natural forces […]

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Jan 02 2010

Man-Made Global Warming Was Biggest Con Of The Last Century

One thing 2009 will be remembered for is it will be the year the man-made global warming con finally fell apart. It will be partially due to the shoddy ‘science’ used (and abused) to promote the con. It will be partially due to the realization that the con was being run by people with financial […]

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Dec 23 2009

MET Office Did Not Release Actual HADCRUT3 Code

Steve McIntyre has a post up regarding the recent release of CUR code and data from the MET Office in the UK. I don’t have time for anything but a quick post at the moment (need to shovel some global warming that has my cars snowed in), but I can tell you now the code […]

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Dec 20 2009

A Liberal Con Worth Billion$

The concept of man-made global warming could easily be seen as a complex con meant to create a myriad of liberal billionaires. Why? Well simply because the liberals espousing man-made global warming (based on fatally flawed and unprofessional science) have already amassed fortunes based on the fad of AGW, and are poised to become the […]

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Dec 19 2009

The Main Reasons AGW Is Pure Science Fiction

One of the interesting things about Climategate is how it has really exposed the pathetic math behind the hypothesis of man-made global warming. Sadly, a lot of us assumed the PhD proponents of global warming were performing sound science based on solid mathematics and statistics. But as more and more professional eyes have reviewed the […]

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Dec 17 2009

Statistical Tricks 101 – How To Create Runaway Global Warming

“Hide the decline” or “The End of The World is Nigh!” – whatever you want to call it, what we see happening with the IPCC and man-made global warming is simply horrible mathematics. With 100’s of billions of dollars on the line it could also be considered a criminal deception. For those who don’t understand how […]

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